Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend: Quizzes and New Foods

We spent a relatively quiet time at home this weekend. No waterparks or other special events.

So, we found other ways to have fun.

We took out an academic quiz game that Kai’s grandmother had given him for his birthday. I played the Alex Trebek role while my wife and Kai took turns answering the questions. As my wife was not educated in this country, her knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, and U.S. geography is at about the same level as Kai’s. Oftentimes, she learns from looking over his schoolwork. And on this quiz, Kai scored better than she did, so I think she has to do more homework. ☺

After that, when we went to the library, Kai wanted to get the Jeopardy game for the Wii. Most of those questions were far too advanced for him, but he did get a few correct.

We also had some fun moments in the kitchen.

Kai enjoys helping out with meal preparations at times. On Saturday morning, he helped make the blueberry pancakes we had for breakfast.

On Sunday, my wife made a Japanese meal for dinner. Other than rice, which is a staple with most dinners, we don’t have Japanese food all that often. In the past, Kai did not want to try different foods, so whenever we did have Japanese foods, my wife often made a separate dish for him.

Lately, however, Kai has grown more interested in trying all kinds of different foods.

On this evening, my wife prepared a fish she got from the local market that specializes in Japanese groceries.

This fish, called Shishamo (smelt), is a Japanese delicacy and is prepared whole on a grill. It is consumed from head to tail. Nothing is uneaten.

I don’t recall eating this fish as an adult. And I wasn’t sure I wanted to eat the head.

I was surprised when Kai said that he wanted to try it. He eagerly bit off the head.

And then he proceeded to eat the rest of the fish.

Well, after that, I knew that I had to try it, too.

I did. And it was delicious.

Usually, I am the one trying to get Kai to try something new. This time his fearlessness gave me strength me to try a new dish.

Hah, I like the role reversal.


  1. We had blueberry pancakes on Sunday! :)

    So fun to hear of Kai trying new foods. And how brave to eat the fish head. haha...much braver than me! :)

    1. Gotta love the blueberry pancakes!

      I am surprised at how willing Kai is to try new foods. It is quite a big change from the very picky eater he was when he was younger.

  2. If Kai likes smelt...he will love all kinds of Japanese food. Kai has a whole wonderful realm of new tastes in store for looks as if you do also :)

    1. Shiroi, I have probably had most different Japanese foods, but never had the smelt before (at least since I was an adult). I really like saba (mackeral), which this reminded me of.

      If Kai remains willing to try different foods, it will be fun to introduce him to a whole host of different dishes.


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