Thursday, June 7, 2012

School Recognition Ceremony

Yesterday was the annual recognition ceremony at our son’s school. We look forward to it, as the school does a great job of celebrating the achievements of all the students.

My wife and I arrived early to attend the silent auction fundraiser. While we were browsing the items up for auction, a student approached me.

“Are you Kai’s father?”

I told him that I was.

“I thought so. You look smart just like him.”

Ha! How funny that I can bask in the reflection of my son’s intelligence.

I asked the boy if he was in Kai’s math class, and he said that he was. He went on to tell me in more detail about how well Kai does in his class, and that perhaps he will become a math professor one day. This is now the second boy in Kai’s math class who approached us to tell us how smart they thought Kai is.

During the ceremony, we saw the boy who previously spoke to my wife about Kai. I was very happy when Anthony received recognition from his teacher for being supportive of Kai. I saw Anthony afterward, and thanked him for being such a wonderful big brother to Kai at school.

The ceremony kicked off with the students performing True Colors, the old Cyndi Lauper song. They performed it in sign language as well as singing it.

Kai’s class was the first to be honored. Kai happily bounded up to the front when his teacher called his name.

He received many awards, perhaps more than most other students. Afterwards, other parents commented to us on how many things Kai was recognized for. We had to explain that he was so honored because he has many areas of deficiencies to work on.

He was recognized for working at the school’s Snack Shop, which the school’s speech therapist created so kids with social and language difficulties can get real-life practice speaking with others.

He also received an award for helping to set up the school’s computer lab each morning. That job came about when the staff brainstormed ways to help Kai get off to a better start each morning. They figured that taking boxes of paper to the lab would settle his sensory needs before he had to sit still in the classroom.

But the recognition I was most pleased with is the Superflex award. Kai has long struggled with being flexible and accepting changes. He is making some progress in this most challenging area, and this award is an indication of that.

I was also happy that Kai sat nicely throughout the entire event. There were a lot of awards handed out, and he appeared to handle the waiting well.

It is hard to believe that another school year has come to an end. I’m sure all parents feel this way, but it seems like the school year goes by faster every year.

When we saw the fifth graders who will be moving on to middle school, they definitely looked more mature. It is kind of hard to believe that Kai is now about halfway through elementary school and it will be only three more years before he is one of the older kids who will be moving on.

Though he does look somewhat mature in his tie, don’t you think?

Congratulations, Kai! You are growing up fast.


  1. OH, he looks so handsome. How wonderful to get all of those awards and the admiration of his peers. Yes, the school years just fly by!

    1. Thanks, Betsy. The school does a great job of using positive reinforcement.

  2. Kai is growing big. He looks so mature in that tie. Be sure to always take plenty of pictures. They grow so quickly from this point forward.

    1. Shiroi, it is fun to look back at the pictures to see how much he has changed. I'm sure you are right that he will grow quickly in the next few years.


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