Friday, December 28, 2012


My Christmas cheer is starting to return so I will post some happy Christmas photos. This is especially for Kai’s grandparents.

Kai was very excited when he woke up on Christmas morning. Of course he wanted to open his presents right away. I told him he had to wait for Mom to come downstairs, so he happily jumped for joy on the trampoline until Mom arrived.

We let him open a few stocking stuffers first.

Then he had to wait until everyone showered and we all had breakfast before we would open the rest of the presents. While my wife and I showered, he sat at the tree sorting through the presents and organizing them into piles for each person.

And then it was finally time to open the rest of the presents. He went through his presents pretty quickly, though I was glad that he remembered who gave him each gift.

Kai has already made great progress on building one of his new Lego sets. I can tell already that he will be finished with his new sets all too soon.

But we haven’t been doing just Legos, we have done science experiments, and played with other toys and games. Here’s a game called Suspend where you have to balance metal bars so they don’t fall down.

In a lull between all of our activities, Kai had the audacity to proclaim, “I’m bored.” How a child with so many fun, new things could be bored is beyond me.

When does he go back to school?


  1. Cute pictures! Is the trampoline a Christmas gift? We had one of those mini tramps when the boys were smaller. They are a great way to burn off energy and get some exercise while inside! (for Kai, not you. haha.)

    School doesn't start again for us until January 9th! We have an extra week because the entire school is moving into a newly built school building and they needed the extra week to move all the classrooms. I will REALLY be ready for school by then! haha.

    1. Betsy, we got the trampoline almost a year ago as we heard that it helps many kids with autism. He really enjoys it.

      I could not imagine having Kai home all the way until the 9th. His school starts on the 7th which is far enough away. Hopefully my wife will not go crazy by then.

  2. Hi Yuji, Happy Christmas! Cheer was short for me too this year - though funnily enough nothing to do with ASD girl! She behaved perfectly - stayed calm, and was delighted with every present! Kai has learnt some good skills there - impressed that he waited for presents patiently. Am guessing nearly every child said the dreaded 'bored' word on Christmas Day too :-)

    1. Hi Steph, Merry Christmas to you, too! So glad that Sasha behaved so well. Wishing you all the best in the new year!

  3. Great solarium!

    The following is my reasoning...what has worked for me...not only in with my son...but as a general observation of how others react when the situation is controlled.

    I understand someone thinking he is bored...however, that all goes away when he learns the essence of being really busy. Free time then becomes treasured...boredom never enters his mind again. With our son...I only hear from him if he may have free time...not in how he doesn't know how to spend it.

    When something becomes more then becomes precious. Each minute is fully appreciated...and utilized.

    This is, of course, a generalization. I know that children are different in many ways...however, our basic drives are similar. The general paths taken are the is just the size of the bites, and how often one bites, which allow the rate of adaptation to be adjusted. Anything done in small enough increments and for long enough adapted to. The person has a new set of expectations and tolerance levels. The Army, and sports, have taught me the essence of sustained effort. Afterwards...throughout my life...everything seemed so much easier...I use my free time with joy. Boredom doesn't enter my mind because there are many more things I wish to do than I have time for.

    Alex studies so much...and although he loves to study...he is never really bored with his free time...because he treasures it.

    I know I don't know so much about Kai, or your family. I can only give you my general observations I've had in life...and my thoughts about how similar all our drives are.

    I've offended many people in my life as a result of my being perceived as arrogant in my freely given unsolicited advice. I am thought of as pushy to so many. I don't wish to appear so here. I simply love to help others. I also know that many also already realize the things I is mostly as a reinforcement of that pre-knowledge...a gentle reminder. I have received such advice throughout my life, gratefully, because I know not only the advice was sound, and well intended, but that the result of my walking that particular path would produce greater results. I hope this is the spirit in which this is taken.

    I am very wary of offering specific advice to parents because of our natural protectiveness of them. However, I also feel obligated to help others if I see my advice may help them.

    1. I agree that when free time is scarce, it is more precious. During normal times when Kai is in school and he has his full slate of therapies and after-school activities, we rarely hear him say he is bored. And on weekends, I spend a lot of time with him. But during breaks from school like we are in now, it is hard for my wife to spend all of her time with Kai. And he still does not spend time independently very often. So, his cry of boredom is often just another way of saying that he wants Mom to play with him more. Hopefully we can teach him to be more independent.

  4. Love the robe, I am impressed that Kai does wear it! I am so glad things went well on Christmas, there is so much to celebrate! Being healthy and with loved ones is such a blessing, after all the news lately we really need to treasure our families!

  5. That last comment was mine, I am having a hard time being able to post it. I am very proud of how Kai was able to wait to open his presents...great job! My little guy has such a hard time waiting, we still have a long way to go! I was also happy to see how much Kai enjoy his gifts, Andrew does not care about his presents, we still have wrapped ones under the tree! :o/
    Happy New Year!

    1. Geovana, you are so right that we need to treasure our families. I am trying to keep that in mind, in good times and bad.

      Waiting has always been very difficult for Kai, but he does seem to be doing better at it than before. How old is Andrew? There was a time that I thought Kai would never be able to wait even 5 minutes, but as he has improved, I think Andrew can, too. I remember when Kai was about 4 years old, it took him all day to open presents as he was not so interested. That part has really changed! :)

    2. Andrew is 4! The truth is that my husband and I are already used to it, but it gets hard when somebody gives him a gift, he does not care! We try to tell family and friends that it takes him some time to get used to new things, but in reality that only happens 20% of the time. Hopefully one day we will all enjoy opening gifts.

    3. It is hard to see when your child is not excited when someone gives him a gift. I am pretty sure Andrew will change in that regard in the next year or two, and then you will look back on these days and say "remember when..."


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