Monday, December 10, 2012

Quick Recap of the Weekend

Hanukkah started this weekend and Christmas will soon be here. My wife and I both feel like we have way too much to do and not enough time to do it. How I wish I had followed my blog friend Betsy’s lead in starting planning for Christmas back in October. Anyway, this will be just a short post on our weekend.

We won’t have our family Hanukkah gathering until next weekend, but we did light the candles on our menorah the first two nights. Kai is looking forward to the presents, and seeing everyone, too!

We are also counting down to Christmas. Well, Kai is counting down with his Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar. Every morning, the first thing he wants to do after he gets up is to see what the model-of-the-day is, and to build it right away. This morning’s figure was an AT-AT Walker from The Empire Strikes Back.

We were all in a grocery store yesterday when Kai saw coconuts for sale. He always takes an interest in fruits and vegetables that we have never had before. So, this time he wanted to bring him a coconut.

As a kid, I remember seeing my dad climb a tree in Hawaii and knock down some coconuts for us to eat. But I don’t remember cutting one open myself.

It was a once in a lifetime experience. Which means, it was such a pain to take out the juice, open the coconut, and cut out the edible parts that I never want to do it again.

But Kai really enjoyed the whole process, and he liked drinking the juice and eating the fruit as well.

Morn than a year ago, Kai’s grandfather in Japan brought over a Japanese marble race toy for Kai. Kai had seen Japanese videos of elaborate setups where one marble would run into something that would set off another chain of events. The toy he got was a bit difficult, even for adults, and Kai did not show a whole lot of interest in playing with it after Jiji returned to Japan.

But this weekend, he pulled it off the shelf and started building with it. He wanted me to join him, but he was the one who came up with the ideas of what to make. It was nice to see, as with Legos he usually just sticks to following instructions instead of coming up with his own creations.

And while we did not build anything too elaborate, it was great that Kai showed interest. Yes, at times like these, I can see that he is maturing.

Happy Hanukkah!


  1. Happy Hanukkah! It is wonderful to see our kids maturing, he is doing such a good job with the Lego...yeah! I grew up eating coconut and drinking the water, it is a little tricky, but it is really delicious...the store bought dry sweetened stuff does not compare!
    Have a wonderful holiday!

    1. Thanks, Geovana!

      I'm sure fresh coconuts are a lot better than the dry stuff, but it sure requires a lot of work. At least my son enjoyed it. :)

  2. Well that sounds like a really fun weekend! And you know, with all the planning I did, I still felt a bit of a crunch yesterday as I had to have some gifts done and ready to give away that evening. But I'm pleased with the process of the organized Christmas, and even though I didn't follow it to a T, it did get me started earlier than I ever would have. It's just hard to think of a little Christmas prep the week of Halloween! lol....

    I love that lego calendar! Taylor was a lego boy. He would have loved that about 12 years ago. :) Spencer is still enjoying our online one...especially today when you could build your own train.

    Happy Hanukkah! Looking forward to more posts of your celebration!

    1. Thanks, Betsy!

      Just think how busy you would have been if you did not get an early start.

      Ha, today must have been a banner day for Spencer with his advent calendar. He must have had a big smile when he saw that it was a train today.

  3. I, too, used to love to build things. My favorite though...besides erector sets...were the electronic building sets. I used to love to build crystal radios and motion detector sets...with resistors as main components (remember the color coding of the resistors? :)

    Pretty soon, Kai might like some Physics experimental kits. Physics is math in motion...this may appeal to him.

    1. Good suggestions. He may quite be ready for them yet but I'll do some research to see what they are like.

  4. yuji
    I just love your blog - your conversational style
    I just love it
    this I had to read out to my DH
    " was a once in a lifetime experience. Which means, it was such a pain to take out the juice, open the coconut, and cut out the edible parts that I never want to do it again.


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