Friday, January 10, 2014

More Zumba

The Zumba Wii game that Kai got for Christmas has been a great source of entertainment in our house – well, at least for me and Kai.

Kai is now very motivated to do Zumba several times a week. He thinks of it as fun, not as exercise.

A big reason why he loves it so much is because he loves music and dancing. But he is also motivated by anything that has scores and levels. And this Zumba game is perfect in that regard because it rates your performance after every dance. You work your way up to different levels while unlocking prizes along the way.

Of course, Kai would not like it nearly as much if he fared poorly on the ratings. But he is doing very well.

And that is where the entertainment factor comes in for me.

Kai outscores my wife on every single dance. Every. Single. Dance.

Usually it is not even close.

On one dance the other night, he got four stars, which, according to the program, made him a “Rocker,” while on the very same dance, my wife got zero stars. The program deemed her a “Beginner.”

This irritates my wife to no end. And of course the scoring makes no sense as my wife used to be an aerobics instructor and she has plenty of rhythm and good moves.

But I like to play it up.

I tell her that she just needs to practice more. After all, not everyone can be as good a dancer as Kai. And then Kai joins in.

“Don’t worry, Mom. You have to keep trying. Maybe you’ll be as good as me one day.”

Here’s a short clip of he and I doing one routine together.

Not bad, huh?


  1. Nice moves... dad! :)

    What a great gift for Kai. Enjoyment and exercise...that is a winning combination.

    1. Haha, I am have no rhythm and am not much for dancing, but Kai loves it when we all participate with him so I do it for him, and then it becomes fun for me, too!


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