Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Cicada Update

I got home from work on Monday and heard that the cicada Kai had brought into the house was nowhere to be found. It must have died, we thought.

After dinner, I heard my wife scream.


Kai and I charged out of the kitchen.

“Where, Mom?”


It was on the floor in the hallway outside our bedrooms.

Kai went over and picked it up. It was still alive.

My wife suggested that he put the cicada in a jar instead of letting it have free rein of the house. I told Kai that it would die if he left it in a jar, and suggested that he release it outside.

He thought it over for several seconds. I think he wanted to keep his pet. But he didn’t want it to die so he made the decision to set it free.

He brought it out to our back deck and let it go.

“Be free!” Kai called out, and the cicada flew away.

It was kind of sad to see it go.

Well, perhaps not so much for all of us.

My wife was relieved to know that the critter was no longer in our house. ☺


  1. haha....glad it wasn't in your bed!

    I heard one outside today while watering some flowers and thought of you guys!

    1. We are glad it wasn't in our beds, too. :) Though maybe it would have served Kai right if it was in his. :)

      Must have been a male that was calling out to you!

  2. Nothing is so good to see than a child with a pure heart :)

    A happy ending indeed!

    1. I think it worked out for all parties, including the cicada. :)


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