Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Another Try at Bicycling

It was certainly an achievement worth celebrating when Kai learned to ride a bicycle – after all, it was something we thought he might never do – but it hasn’t exactly been all fun times on the bike since then.

The typical scenario has been that Kai doesn’t want to go riding; it is something we have to force him to do. Then, once on the path, he is mostly anxious the whole time, pedaling very slowly so as not to run into the rider who is 50 yards in front of him, and usually unable to make it up even the slightest inclines.

This weekend, we took another crack at it.

We started off on Saturday on a short trail in our neighborhood. From past experience, we learned that if Kai hasn’t done an activity in a while, it is best to start him off slowly. And so on this day we rode only a couple miles, focusing on reminding him of some basics while building up his confidence.

The next day, we went to our favorite trail along the Skokie Lagoons.

He was a bit nervous as we started out. But unlike previous times, he seemed to relax quicker. I kept encouraging him from behind while my wife took the lead.

He pedaled faster than he had before, traveling at a more normal pace. He worked up enough speed to make it up the inclines, and on the downhills he made a sound I hadn’t heard from him before.

“Wheeeee!” he said, in enjoyment, not fear.

He was actually having fun on his bicycle.

This family bike-riding may yet turn out to be the enjoyable activity that I had dreamed of.

After the bike ride, we walked over to where they were renting canoes.

As we were all in good spirits, that was a fun activity, too.

Hope you had a nice holiday weekend, too!


  1. Replies
    1. Having gone through so many difficult times on the bike before made this experience all the more enjoyable. Yippee, indeed! :)

  2. That is the key to learning anything...having fun! In a few weeks, Alex and I are going to rent a canoe at a nearby alpine lake. That last picture reminded me of how much fun we had last time in a kayak. I think a canoe would be even more fun.

    1. We haven't done the kayak yet -- we were planning to on Sunday but the line for kayaks was longer than for the canoe so we went canoed instead. It's funny that we're thinking that the kayak may be more fun as it seems like most people in the kayaks were going faster than us with less paddling. I'll be reading to see which you like better.


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