Monday, December 8, 2014

More Shredded Clothing

Kai has had a long history of ripping his shirts to shreds when he gets upset at school. He hasn't done that too much lately, though. But this past week he expanded his repertoire. This time he totally shredded his pants.

In case you can't tell from the picture, both pant legs are ripped from top to bottom, plus there's smaller tears in the waistband.

Frankly, I was impressed with his strength as these were rather thick sweat pants. And they were almost new, by the way. As with his shirts, Kai seems to rip only the clothing that is new and in good condition.

Our understanding is that he got upset when one of the classroom staff was going to read a story to the class. Originally the students were told that they could sit at their desks, but then they were instructed to sit in the back of the classroom. For some reason, this seemingly minor change in plans got Kai upset, and he could not control his anger.

Earlier in the week he got upset by a similar change in plans. That time the prompt was when the class had to unexpectedly eat their lunch in the common area instead of in the classroom when another student was having some issues in the classroom.

While Kai has made progress in many ways, his inability to control his anger remains a big issue, and one that will keep him from realizing his potential.

The one good thing was that he accepted the consequences much better this time. He had a good weekend, despite losing the use of the iPad for much of the time.

He spent some time playing with Legos, making his own creation - a Lego mini golf course.

In the past he has mostly just followed the instructions that come with the sets, so it is good to see him going beyond the sets and being creative.

So, we had some good to go with the bad. I guess that's par for the course.


  1. My, he is strong! Reminds me of the Incredible Hulk! Do they make him stay in his torn pants the rest of the day? I wonder if that would have any difference in making him think twice about tearing his clothes.

    1. We keep an extra set of clothes for him at school. I don't know if the school would want him to stay in torn clothes, especially as this time his pants were totally shredded, though perhaps that might make him think twice.

  2. I remember my son having one of those lego tables!

    Just an idea...
    Perhaps having him repair the clothes with a needle and thread would make him hesitate before ripping the next set. This way, with his knowledge that a short time of frustration will lead to a long time in will simply become too burdensome to continue on that path.

    1. Interesting idea but I don't think I have the patience to get him to sew his clothes as I know that will lead to a LOT of whining and complaining, not to mention that these pants were really thick and it wouldn't be easy to put a needle through them.


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