Tuesday, March 24, 2015

My Son’s Reaction to Sex Ed

Kai brought home a letter from school a few weeks ago informing parents that they would be starting a health education class. Among the topics to be covered would be sex education.

Kai wrote all over the envelope the letter came in.

Among his comments are “The 5th grade apocalypse!” and “It’s my worst nightmare!” (Spelling errors have been corrected.)

His attitude toward the class has not changed over time.

Twice a week, he has had his health class. And every time he loudly complains about how awful it is.

The class started out with more benign topics such as hygiene. But recently they progressed toward more sensitive topics.

When they covered puberty, Kai said, “There’s pregnancies breaking out all over 5th grade!”

This week they finally got to learning about how babies are conceived. I asked Kai how it all happened.

He said, “You put your private parts together. It’s really gross!!!!!”

I gave my wife a glance but she wasn’t even paying attention as she was caught up in watching a video on the iPad.

Which was probably just as well as she had the perfect excuse for not being able to answer Kai’s follow-up question.

“Mom, how was it when you made me?”

I tried to get him to repeat the question so that my wife could address this very important question, but, alas, his mind wandered off to something else so that question went unanswered.

The last class on the topic is tomorrow.

I’ll be relieved.

Why can’t kids learn about these things from other kids like when I was a child?


  1. Oh dear...can't help but chuckle....

    1. The whole thing has been quite hysterical. For a kid who never seems embarrassed about anything, it is quite amusing to see his reaction to this topic.

    2. Yes, his "worst nightmare" haha...you'll have to remind him of that when he's 16. :)

      I remember Taylor, at the beginning of 6th grade, being mortified that most of the girls had become somewhat curvy and shapely over the summer. lol....

    3. It is hard to picture Kai at 16, or wanting to date girls, or any of that stuff. :)

  2. This subject is usually far worse on the parents than it is on the child :)

    1. I'm just glad that he's not directing a ton of questions to me, at least not yet! Though my wife has me on notice that it's my responsibility to handle all the puberty questions!


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