Sunday, March 8, 2015

Shared Art Project with Grandfather

Kai loves to draw, and he loves apps that feature monsters or dragons. Recently, he has combined those interests.

He has tried to draw some of his favorite monsters. But when some of the monsters became too hard for him to draw on his own, he enlisted the help of another artist – his grandfather in Japan.

Kai took screen shots of the monsters and emailed them to Jiji. His grandfather then sketched them on paper and mailed them to Kai.

When Kai receives the sketches, he colors them in.

Here’s one of his recent ones:

And of course, he shares it with his grandfather via Skype.

Today, Jiji surprised Kai by telling him that he has been coloring the sketches as well, and showing his most recent creation:

Grandfather and grandson bonding over their shared love of art. Gotta love it.


  1. What a great way for those two to bond. I see pure pleasure in Kai's face, especially in that last photo.

    1. Yes, Kai loved that his grandfather was drawing the same things he was. And his grandfather seems to be enjoying it, too!

  2. Isn't that wonderful! You just have to love modern technology! The pictures are so cute..smiles on both faces!

    1. Japan doesn't feel quite as far when we can see and talk to them via Skype every week!


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