Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Florida Vacation - Everglades to Key West

We left Miami Beach and headed south. Our first stop was Everglades National Park where we took the short hike along the Anhinga Trail.

There, we saw many more alligators, including this old guy resting on the shore.

We also saw numerous birds including this blue heron. There is also an alligator in the water in front of the bird in the following photo.

And this friendly bird.

It was a hot day... not that we were complaining about it being about 50 degrees warmer than when we left home. But we cooled off with some great fruit shakes. I had guanabana, Kai had strawberry passionfruit, and my wife had papaya key lime which I actually liked the best.

And then we made the long drive out to Key West, which is the southernmost spot in the continental United States. Parts of the long drive seemed to take forever with the slow-moving traffic, but Kai slept for much of that time so we avoided his complaints. Let's see if he can sleep tonight after sleeping so much during the day.

It was all worth it, though, once we reached our destination. First, we went to the southernmost beach in the (continental) U.S.

And then we relaxed in the hotel swimming pool.

Later we took a walk down Duval Street, finding a fondue restaurant for dinner. The shrimp and fish fondue was just okay, but the chocolate fondue for dessert may it worthwhile.

Walking back to the hotel, we passed a few drag bars and gentlemen's clubs. Kai didn't seem to notice, other than to ask why the music was so loud.

It was a long day, but definitely a good one.

Tomorrow we make the same long drive in the opposite direction.


  1. Great vacation. I hadn't realized that you had driven!
    That is one thing I just cannot get used to...heat and humidity. I would have suffered greatly.

    Did I read you right? You took a short hike on a trail in a park which has alligators? The sneaky submarine ambush hunter killers? No, I would not have even gone to the park :)

    1. Shiroi, we flew down to Florida and rented a car so that we could go see many places.

      Haha, when I first told Kai that we would go to the Everglades, he said, "Are you kidding? It's one of the most dangerous places on earth!!!" But he didn't resist walking around there. The trail is nice and wide so we would have seen any alligators on the trail from afar. It was great to see so many in their natural habitat where they have room to roam.

  2. I have never had fish fondue. No dipping it in chocolate, I'm guessing. ha.

    1. It was the first time we had fish fondue as well. No the chocolate was for dipping strawberries, bananas, and marshmallows. Not for the fish, thank goodness! Haha! They had some type of tomato-y broth for the fish.


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