Sunday, April 5, 2015

Passover and Easter

We had to get up at 4AM to catch our flight out of Florida on Saturday morning. It wasn't ideal to fly that early, but as we used frequent flyer miles to book our travel, we didn't have any choice. Along with having to fly to Newark to catch a connecting flight back home, it made for a long day and we were very tired when we got home.

My wife and I were thinking we could take it easy the rest of the day, but Kai said he wanted to celebrate Passover. We were planning on just skipping it this year, but as Kai really wanted to celebrate the holiday, my wife went to the store and got a few things for a mini Seder.

She prepared brisket and fried up some potato pancakes.

Then, Kai led us through the steps for the Seder.

It wasn't really the same without our Jewish relatives here to celebrate with us this year, but I'm glad we kept the tradition going.

Today, of course, was Easter, and we celebrated that as well.

I think Kai was a bit disappointed that the Easter bunny did not leave him candy or toys. But as he does not eat Easter candy anyway, and he is getting too old to really believe in the Easter bunny, we skipped that part of the tradition.

We did, however, color eggs.

Hope your Passover or Easter was nice as well.

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