Saturday, August 8, 2015

New England Vacation – Day 1

Greetings from Boston!

We decided to head to the northeast part of the country for this year’s summer vacation. I have been to the Boston area several times and have been looking forward to introducing it to my wife and son.

Our flight out was pleasant – It was our first experience on JetBlue airlines and I think we’ll be flying them again whenever we have that option. You get a bit more legroom, they actually serve a bag of higher quality snacks than the usual tiny bag of peanuts, and the service was better than what we’ve come to expect from domestic airlines.

I had told Kai that we’ll be doing a lot of walking in Boston. It is not a city you want to be driving in, and it is a great walking city.

Things started out okay as we headed to Quincy Market to have lunch. The place is full of interesting food choice, and today it also was jammed full of hungry tourists. But Kai handled the crowd and the wait, and we were very happy with our first taste of New England seafood.

Kai had the New England Clam Chowder bread bowl, my wife had Maine Lobster pie, and I had a lobster roll. I had a taste of all three dishes, and I have to say, I loved all of them. If that is an indication of the food we will have on this vacation, we will eat very well.

After that, I wanted to walk some of The Freedom Trail. Kai complained about the walking. It wasn’t a huge surprise that he complained, but given that it was not particularly hot or humid, and we did not walk all that far, it was still disappointing. We made several rest stops along the way to try to accommodate him as best we could.

But his happiest moment came when we got back to the hotel and settle down in our room where he is now gleefully using his iPad.


Trying to stay calm and positive… wish us luck!

Edited 8/9:

We went for dinner at the Union Oyster House, the oldest restaurant in America. We had some raw oysters on the half shell, and then three different lobster dishes for the main meal. Mine was the “Lazyman’s Lobster” that had chunks of lobster meat with breadcrumbs; I did not particularly enjoy it. My wife said her Lobster Scampi was good. And Kai got a boiled whole lobster.

He couldn’t eat the whole thing so I ‘had’ to finish it up. It was good, though not nearly as good as the lobster roll I had for lunch.

Service at this place was also really slow, but Kai didn’t mind as it game him more time to use Mom’s iPhone.

Afterward, he enjoyed meeting the big brothers of the lobster he had for dinner.

After sleeping extra late, we’re now rested and ready for Day 2.

I hope.


  1. Ah...the New England area. I have always wanted to taste the food there.
    Although, I have always preferred Alaskan King Crab to Lobster...but then again, I have only had the small 'Rock Lobsters'.

    I will also have to try JetBlue. I am not happy with SW airlines. I hope they fly our future routes.

    Kai looks as if he is having fun. I hope he enjoys the sights you have planned.

    1. I love Alaskan King Crabs as well, though they're usually more work to eat. The taste is usually worth it, though.

  2. What a beautiful area....I hope your whole stay is a good one and Kai cooperates and enjoys the walking! :)

    1. We've already had a lot of ups and downs, and I'm sure that will continue.


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