Friday, August 14, 2015

New England Vacation – Day 6: A Leisurely Day

After a hectic first five days of our vacation, we wanted to have a more leisurely day. We had no reservations to keep or particular places we had to be.

We woke up a bit later, had breakfast, and then headed out to see more of the Cape. We started out by heading to a nearby fishing pier where we saw a family of seals enjoying a swim.

I told Kai that if he came back as an animal in his next life, I bet it would be as a seal as these guys seem to enjoy frolicking in the water, just like Kai does.

From there, we drove to find a better beach to visit. After all, you can’t go to Cape Cod without visiting a beach. Or so it seemed as there were hordes of visitors headed toward the beaches. A couple beaches were already filled to capacity, and others had long lines to get into the parking lot.

So we headed up to a more isolated spot on a high bluff where we could get a good view of the coastline.

In the early afternoon, we found a beach on the bay side that wasn’t overflowing with people. The water was calm and we were able to swim a little bit.

But in my mind, it wasn’t a “real” Cape Cod beach. So before we went back to our hotel, we went to a beach on the ocean side that we were able to get into. The waves were large and we didn’t go in too far nor stay very long, but we got to experience the power of the ocean while we were there.

After resting up back at our hotel, we went out for one more seafood dinner.

Kai filled up on steamed clams.

While my wife and I each had boiled lobster.

We’ve been making Kai keep a journal on this trip. Not one to be verbose when it comes to writing, he summarize this day as, “Today was a good day.”


  1. Ha! Kai and you must have gotten plowed over by that wave! :)

    I love steamed clams. We used to pick up clams in Hakata Bay, Kyushu when we stayed at my Great Grandmother's house when I was young. I bet Kai had a great time eating his fill.

    1. There were some big waves on that beach! We saw some people surfing.

      Nice to have those memories.

      Kai definitely enjoyed eating all those clams!


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