Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Sunday in Florida

It was Easter Sunday on our first full day in Florida. Mama Dell had not forgotten and had a box of Easter goodies for Kai.

Kai had wanted to hunt for Easter eggs first thing in the morning. Mama Dell had gotten two dozen eggs for Kai to color, but the night before Kai got upset when he found out that the eggs would not be ready to hunt so early in the morning. It is frustrating for us when Kai does not deal well with his disappointment; in this case he expressed anger toward his grandmother who was trying hard to make his stay so enjoyable. But rather than get exasperated as I would have been, Dell responded beautifully, cutting up paper eggs for Kai to decorate, and telling him that we could hide those eggs.

He liked that idea and did a nice job of decorating those eggs, which we hid for him to find.

After the hunt for the paper eggs, it was time to color the real ones.

Kai enjoyed experimenting with various mixtures of colors.

Later in the morning we went to a nearby park.

And then after lunch, it was time to go to the beach.

In past years, Kai was afraid of the ocean waves, but this time he enjoyed battling even the big waves.

It was a good way to spend an Easter Sunday in Florida.

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