Sunday, March 27, 2016

Spring Break Vacation - Back to Florida!

It is Kai's spring break and we have returned to Florida where we had some fun times last year. This year we decided to drive down.

It was a long two days.

We got off to a relatively early start, leaving the house at 6:30 in the morning. Traffic getting through Chicago was remarkably light. And we made pretty good time through most of Indiana, though we had some heavy traffic near Indianapolis and beyond . We got to the Kentucky state line around lunchtime.

And since we were in Kentucky, we decided to have KFC for lunch.

Lunch would be the highlight of the afternoon.

We had several slow areas in Kentucky, between construction zones, accidents, and just heavy traffic.

We were happy to get to Tennessee.

Though Tennessee turned out to be the worst. It seemed to take forever to get through this short state. Who would have thought that Chattanooga would have far worse traffic than Chicago.

Kai didn't mind though. He was enjoying watching videos in the car.

By the time we got to Georgia, it was starting to get dark.

And when we reached our motel in Marietta, it was after 9PM.

My wife took Kai for a quick swim in the pool. (I could not go as I had sliced my finger with a sharp knife the day before). And we had dinner before finally going to bed at 11PM.

The next day, we got on our way to complete our drive.

The drive through Georgia was not bad at all. The biggest delay was trying to get lunch at a Wendy's where the line of folks waiting to get the meal they had ordered had filled up the waiting area. After waiting about 10 minutes without being able to even order, we left and went to a different fast food outlet where they messed up our order but at least we got to eat.

We made it into Florida after lunch.

It was after 6PM when we reached our destination. Mama Dell, Papa Earl, and their feathered friends greeted us.

Mama Dell had a delicious dinner ready for us. After dinner and some conversation, my wife and I wanted to go to sleep and rest up after the long drive. We were tired, but happy that we were in Florida and ready to enjoy a couple days with family.


  1. I love long drives...I hate even short congested ones. It seems that Kai had done well through it all.

    I can hardly wait for your next article. Florida must be beautiful this time of year.

    1. I usually love long drives, but not one that is full of congestion along the way.

  2. Have a fun time! Glad you arrived safely!


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