Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Holiday Weekend with Bubbe and Papa

We spent the holiday weekend in southwestern Michigan with Kai's grandparents. As usual, we were able to do a lot of fun activities with Kai.

On Saturday, while Mom and Bubbe enjoyed a craft fair, Papa and Kai enjoyed snow cones. I am normally not a fan of snow cones as the idea of a snow cone always far exceeds the reality. From my experience, snow cones are way too icy and have far too little of the tasty syrup. Most of the time you are just crunching through pieces of ice. And so, I declined to have my own snow cone. But I did have a little taste of Kai's.

It was the best snow cone I've ever had!

There were several things that made this snow cone so outstanding. First, while most snow cones are made from way too big shavings of ice, on this one the ice was shaved very finely which made it have the texture of soft snow. Secondly, the server was generous with the syrup, so there was a lot of flavor throughout. And finally, this place had a vast variety of flavors to choose from. Kai and his grandfather each had root beer and coconut, with Kai also adding on cinnamon. An cinnamon-flavored snow cone? Yes, and it was delicious!

After that, we hit the beach. It was a bit of a cool day, temperatures in the mid 70s, which was great for walking around but cool for going to the beach, especially since the water itself was very cold. I didn't go in too far, but Kai still enjoyed splashing around on a boogie board.

The next morning we went to a pancake breakfast sponsored by the local Rotary Club. A good friend of Kai's grandparents specially made Kai some Mickey Mouse-shaped pancakes. He's not much for pancakes at home, but with a little chocolate syrup, he ate these all up.

Later we had to go back to get more snow cones. This time I had my own and Mom came with us as well. Kai ordered root beer and cinnamon "with a hint of coconut." I had guava, mango, and blueberry. Yum!

Next we debated whether to go back to the beach or to go to an indoor swimming pool instead. The outdoor temperature was a little warmer - around 80 degrees - so perhaps the water would be more tolerable. We tried to look up the water temperature; I found two figures - one said it was 63 degrees and the other said it was 29 (Fahrenheit) which doesn't make any sense. Since it was such a sunny day, we decided to go to the beach.

I found out that the 29 degree figure was a lot closer than the 63 degrees. It was really cold!

But Kai likes it when (at least) one of us goes in the water with him so I went into the freezing water. We had great fun having a water fight.

On our last morning, we went to a nearby farm to pick our own raspberries.

Kai enjoys tasting some as we pick but we managed to fill 8 containers.

So we had a great time, and I didn't even show you the pictures of all the great meals we had as I was too busy eating to think of taking pictures. :)

Hope you had a nice weekend, as well.


  1. I know how those type of snow cones taste. They are made like the ones in Hawaii and Japan.

    A great weekend for family. I could see that Kai had a great time.
    I see no one wore gloves during the raspberry picking. Don't they have thorns?

    1. This snow cone stand was branded as being Hawaiian... I'll have to look for those in the future.

      Raspberry bushes do have thorns but not so many to cause problems. The bushes are not so thick so you can access the fruit without being poked by the thorns.


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