Sunday, January 15, 2017

Happy New Year (Belatedly)! and Dogs

Better late than never?

We had nine dogs at our peak during the recent holidays. A lot of people ask if Kai likes the dogs. Well, he gets a little jealous that they take up a lot of Mom's time, and there are some he likes more than others, but he does like some of them, and several of them really like him.

The above dog is Mancha, a three-legged dog who was rescued by her owners from a shelter in Mexico.

And above is another of Kai's (and our) favorites, Bruno, a really playful, high-energy cutie. Though here at the end of full day of playing, he's found a comfortable resting spot.

Kai also helped out walking the dogs, taking the smaller ones while my wife handled the bigger ones (and I helped when I was not at work). Here Kai is with Hubert.


  1. That's a fun little business for your wife! Looks like a lot of fun!

    Happy New Year!

    1. She loves dogs so it is a great fit for her. Though it is a lot of work when we have so many at one time.

  2. One of the best teachers of empathy for children is a dog.
    They are also one of the best teachers of what true friendship is.

    1. Yes, if you give love to a dog, they will return it many times over.


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