Monday, May 8, 2017

Weekend Schedule

As with many kids with autism, Kai likes to stick to a schedule. These days he creates his own daily schedule. Weekends are particularly important for him to plan as wants to make the most of his free time.

You can see that all of the things that are important to him are on his schedule, among them watching videos, making his YouTube movies, and planning for future films that he will make.

Funny, I don't see reading or math or doing exercise on his schedule.

But we made sure that we did a few other things including getting outside on this sunny weekend and getting a good bike ride in. We even got him to agree to try a new path without a lot of protest.

We went a little farther than our usual route takes us as we covered about six and a half miles. We hadn't done much riding since last year, so our legs weren't in biking shape yet.

But got to see some new sights. Here we are in front of a park in our neighboring suburb of Glencoe. The spring blossoms were beautiful.

We enjoyed the ride - well, my wife and I did. Kai started to grumble toward the end of how tired he felt, but I think he enjoyed most of the ride.

And later he had enough time to complete all of the items on his schedule.

So it was a successful weekend for all. Hope yours was too.


  1. The important part is learning how to organize. This is a very critical portion of maturation. Prioritization leads to efficiency and effectiveness in action. It is the culmination of these actions over time which can drastically alter our lives for the better. By learning to organize through a schedule, Kai is organizing and prioritizing his thoughts towards a goal. This is the key to success in life.

    A beautiful place to enjoy a nice bike ride. Nice pictures.

    1. Kai is really organizing and planning out his priorities. He will spend time planning out the movies he wants to make from weeks ahead of time. I agree that it is a very good skill to learn and it will serve him well in the future.

      It was nice to go on a different route and see such a beautiful place.

  2. "try not to laugh" was my favorite part. :)

    1. Hey, if you don't have it on the schedule, you might forget and laugh. :)


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