Saturday, September 23, 2017


Kai's therapeutic school has a mentor program whereby volunteer mentors take their student out into the community once a week.

For the past several months, Kai's mentor has been Paul, a young man who was working as an intern while finishing up college. The first time they got together, Paul showed Kai how to edit his videos in iMovie, something that Kai loved to learn, but most of the time they go out to do fun things. Paul has taken Kai out to play miniature golf, see movies, and play at arcades, among other things.

Recently we learned that Paul would be starting a full-time job and unable to continue as Kai's mentor. This week, they got together for one last outing, going to a Gameworks amusement arcade. Kai was really excited about going as he loves to play video games and win plush toys.

The morning of their outing, Kai told my wife that he really hoped that he would win a plushie, and if he did, he would name it Paul to remember Paul by.

It sounds like they had a very fun time.

Here's a photo of Kai with Paul, his mentor, and Paul, his new plushie.

We thank Paul (the man) very much for all the time he spent with Kai.


  1. Mentors can be extremely valuable to a child. Really good ones are hard to find, but, it only takes one good one to make all the difference in the world to the child.

    Also, when a child loses his mentor, it is another lesson learned. It is not only in dealing with loss, but in his remembrance, he takes all his lessons learned from the mentor, to heart.

    1. It was good to have Paul as a mentor for Kai, especially as he doesn't really have any friends to do things with. It was good for him to get out with someone other than me and his Mom.


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