Monday, September 4, 2017

Scenes from Our Weekend

We went to visit Kai's grandparents in Michigan this weekend.

We headed to the beach. The air temperature was only in the low 70s and the water temperature was much colder. In the past, Kai never let that stop him, but on this day even he did not want to go much more than ankle-high into the water.

I think all that swimming in the warm ocean waters of Hawaii softened him up. Ha!

We played a couple of games of rumikub with Papa and Bubbe.

The pancake breakfast sponsored by the local Rotary Club is one of our traditions. Kai had a little bit of pancake with his blueberry sauce.

After the big breakfast, we wanted to take a walk and went out on the pier to the lighthouse.

Later we went to a craft fair where we had shave ice that was very reminiscent of ones we had in Hawaii.

Of course we had to go back to the beach. It was a bit warmer than the day before, but water was just as cold. Still, Kai wanted to get in the water this time.

There was a pretty good surf, also a bit reminiscent of Hawaii. What wasn't like Hawaii was that I was numb from the cold within seconds of being in the water.

Before we left, we had Kai stand back to back with Bubbe. By this photo, it looks like he has grown a lot.

And so went our last summer weekend of the year. It was a good one!


  1. Such cute pictures! I laughed at the blueberry sauce. I'll take your word for it that there was a pancake under there somewhere. haha.

    I have a feeling Hawaii would spoil a lot of things. lol. hard not to compare, especially just weeks apart. Looks like a really fun time.

    Fall is in the air for sure. It was in the 40's this morning and I scrambled to find the boys something a little warmer to wear! Brr.

    1. The person who served the blueberry sauce initially gave Kai one scoop like he did for everyone. Kai kept standing there with his plate out. I knew he wanted more sauce, but he didn't say anything and I think the man was incredulous that he needed more sauce. I finally had to prompt Kai to ask for more sauce please, and the guy gave him another big scoop.

      Yeah, we are still very spoiled from Hawaii. :)

      Love the crisp fall-like mornings we are having!

  2. Ha! Hawaiian waters have also spoiled me. I haven't swum in cold West Coast waters since.

    1. Lake Michigan is notorious for being cold, even in the peak of summer, but it never stopped Kai before. But now that he knows what warm Hawaiian waters are like, well, our lake water here seems really cold. Ha!


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