Saturday, August 18, 2018

Cubs Game and Starting High School

We had one last summer outing this week as we went to our first Cubs game at Wrigley Field as a family.

It took a while to get over the jet lag after returning from Japan, but we were in good spirits on this afternoon. Kai's constant anxiety with getting sick has finally ended. He did get a very minor cold - certainly nothing worth all the stress he had - and it didn't stop him from enjoying the free time he had the past week and a half.

The first thing we did when we got home from Japan was to schedule appointments with a doctor and a therapist to discuss his anxiety. His medication was increased and there was a lot of discussion with him over all the stress he had (and caused). Not sure how much all of that had to do with his calming down versus just being home and back in his comfortable surroundings, but we're all feeling better now.

Kai and I went to a Cubs game last fall, but that was in Milwaukee when the Cubs played the Brewers. I wanted to take everyone to see a game at Wrigley, and had bought tickets way back in February.

In the days leading up to the ballgame, it looked like it might rain on game day, but we lucked out as there was no rain all day. It was actually a very nice day. At one point when the sun came out, Kai started to complain about it being too hot and said that it was like being back in Japan. We told him that this was nothing like Japan as the temperature was more than 20 degrees cooler.

The other thing that was very different than Japan is that the food selection at the ballpark was all non-healthy, traditional ballpark fare. We all had footlong Chicago hot dogs. I enjoyed it but my wife said later that she felt ill from eating it.

But the ball game was great. The Cubs scored a lot and won 8-4 over their rival Brewers. Kai was very happy!

He said it was the best baseball game he's ever been to. I don't know about that as we have been to several really entertaining games, but I was glad that he had fun, as did we all.

The other big event this week was that Kai started high school. He went for about on hour on Tuesday for Freshman Prep Day, getting his id photo taken, buying his gym shirt and shorts, and doing other administrative things. And then he had his first day of classes on Friday. Actually it was only a half day, and there wasn't much teaching or studying, but he was in the classroom.

So it was an easy day, and happily there were no incidences.

We have told Kai that this is a fresh start for him, and a great opportunity for him to make a good first impression so he should be friendly to other students and to staff. It frustrates me that he doesn't seem to understand.

But anyway, we're off! So far so good, but we'll keep our seatbelts fastened as turbulence can arise without notice. :)


  1. I am hoping for Kai. High School is where life gets real. All transcripts count from now on.

    Some of the best hot dogs I’ve had were at ball parks. I am glad Kai had a great time there.

    A message to Kai: High school...everything else was warm up. Everyone will be competing for their spot in life. You are now at the starting line of the marathon that is life. You will tire, you will get frustrated. Slow down if you must, but never stop. Study everyday, even for just a few hours, and it will become a habit that will propel you forwards throughout life. Through a steady application of effort, you will continually bypass those around you, and all of life will continue to get better. You will find great happiness, and great friends, along the way. You will stumble along the way, that is to be expected. Never quit, just get back up and know that you are on the right track in life. Just know what you want in life, and go out and get it. With steady effort, it is impossible to not improve. With steady improvement, you will achieve your goals. With each goal achieved, you become more happy in life. The more happy in life you are, the more energy you will have...which will allow you to give more effort, and so, produce greater results...and make you happier...and on and on it goes. This is the self feeding positive spiral which will makes life so deeply satisfying, exciting, and fun. This is the “secret” to it so you are always on a positive spiral. I am rooting for you.

    1. Hi Shiroi, I showed Kai your message and hope that it sticks with him. As you say, high school is when life gets real, though in Kai's case it may be in a different way than for most kids when grades and transcripts become so important. With Kai, we first want him to learn how to handle and manage his frustrations so that he can remain in the classsroom and not let anxiety or anger get in the way of positive achievements. If he can be open to the teachings of the adults in his life who are trying to help him, it will be a huge step for him. As he is older now, high school may be the last best chance for him to get going on the positive spiral that you speak of.


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