Thursday, July 30, 2020

Keweenaw Peninsula

Today was to be a low-key day driving up through Keweenaw Peninsula to the northern-most part of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

We made a few stops along the way. We found a couple places to walk right down to the shores of Lake Superior.

This next spot had a sandy beach. Kai dipped his feet in the water but it was colder than where we were yesterday and he didn't want to go much further.

Toward the northern end of the peninsula, we took Brockway Mountain Drive to get to some high spots. At this first lookout, we could get a panoramic view.

And then we came to a lookout where we could get a great view of Copper Harbor.

The photos don't really capture the magnificence of the views.

We then drove down to the town of Copper Harbor and had lunch. We buffalo tempura caulilini as an appetizer. I had never heard of caulilini but our waiter explained that it's like a cross between cauliflower and broccoli. This was deep fried with tempura batter and flavored with Buffalo wing sauce. It was good!

And for our main course we had pizza. Kai had a standard supreme pizza while my wife and I tried the Lake Trout pizza. I never had fish pizza before but it was tasty. Though I especially liked the first slice and then the salty fish flavor started to be a bit overwhelming.

After that, we had a three hour drive to get to our next destination of Marquette, Michigan. Kai and I swam in the motel's swimming pool before we went out to dinner. All of the interesting places were full so we ended up at Buffalo Wild Wings.

More adventures tomorrow.


  1. I had at first thought you had tempura buffalo :) That lake is so looked like you were in the tropics with the Pacific Ocean behind you at the lookout. Trout pizza...I don't think I would have dared try it. Another nice day.

    1. Tempura buffalo... I'd try that! Maybe not in Michigan, though. :)

      The more we drive around, the more we can appreciate the size of Lake Superior. It is huge. And we're only seeing it from the US side.

      The trout pizza was good, but one slice would have been enough. I haven't seen it on the menu anywhere other than the UP.


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