Monday, July 27, 2020


On the second day of our vacation, we drove just less than an hour west of Madison to visit Frank Lloyd Wright's Wisconsin home, Taliesin.

We had enjoyed seeing Fallingwater, perhaps the most renown of Wright's designs, a couple of years ago. Now we wanted to see the house where he lived for many decades.

During this time, they had limited tours to half the usual number, just 15 in our group. People generally kept socially distant though it wasn't always 100% possible to stay six feet apart inside the house.

We took the Highlights Tour which covered the Hillside Studio in addition to the Taliesin home.

This was the Fellowship Dining Room inside the studio building:

The living room was a highlight:

Kai got a bit irritated about having to keep his mask on for the full two hours, but generally did okay. This wasn't exactly his cup of tea but he took a lot of pictures with his phone.

Wright had visited Japan and was a big fan of Japanese art. Almost every room has some type of Asian art.

The house was high on a bluff so you get great views from many rooms.

Wright's bedroom was one of my favorite rooms:

Tomorrow we will be heading up north and doing something completely different.


  1. Nice view from the bedroom. I can't get over how tall Kai has gotten.

    I hope the long drive is not too waring on everyone. I know that when I have long drives...I often think about the great meal I will have at the destination :)

    1. Kai has really shot up the last two years. Though he looks especially tall when he stands next to his mother. :)

      The drive is not stressful at all as Kai enjoys watching movies on the minivan's dvd player and my wife watches Korean dramas on her portable player. I just have to keep from falling asleep. :)


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