Thursday, August 6, 2020

Dune Ride and Grandparents

On the last real day of our vacation, we went to Silver Lake Sand Dunes in west central lower Michigan, and took a dune ride.

I had been to these dunes many years ago as a friend of mine let me drive an ATV onto the dunes with his family, but this was a first experience of this kind for my wife and Kai.

There are big stretches of sandy dunes and also places where you could see Silver Lake below.

At the place with the best view, the driver stopped the vehicle and we were able to get out and take pictures.

We all enjoyed the experience, especially since we didn't have to climb up any dunes. :)

Later in the day we visited with Kai's grandparents. Due to Covid, this has been the longest stretch of time where we had not seen them so it was great to get together and have a socially-distanced dinner on their back patio.

After dinner we took a walk to a nearby beach.

Kai doesn't talk too much to others, but he enjoys getting together with Bubbe and Papa and he expressed that afterward on this evening.

Tomorrow we will be driving home.

Kai said that the vacation went by fast. It's good that he thinks so. That indicates that he had enjoyed it.

We did quite a bit in the past 12 days and it was fun. But it will be nice to be home as well.


  1. Sand dunes...I would not have thought it would have been a location for them near a lake in the absence of tall mountains. It must be a natural deadend area of the winds as their eddies gather the sediments of erosion where they will least be carried away...and so, gather.

    Wow, the grandparents have a beautiful backyard!

    1. There are three major sand dunes around Lake Michigan and no tall mountains so the conditions are right.

      Yes, it was a great spot for an outdoor dinner!

  2. Beautiful pictures. Like you - we are also taking solace in nature. COVID has been so hard no?

    1. Thanks, K! COVID has certainly resulted in some challenges but, like you, we have tried to make the best of it. I have enjoyed the benefits or working from home and being able to spend more time with Kai.


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