Saturday, August 1, 2020

Sunset Cruise at Pictured Rocks

One of the things I most looked forward to on this trip was a boat tour of Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. Pictured Rocks is known for its dramatic multicolored rocks cliffs that are best seen from a boat. I had booked a sunset cruise as I read that the angle of the sun at that time would best illuminate the rocks.

We arrived at the dock about a half hour before departure. There was already a line of people waiting to board and I was fearing that we wouldn't be able to sit up on top outside. And so I was relieved that there were not only several seats left on top by the time we got on board, but there were choice seats on the right side near the front.

The first formation we came to was the iconic Miner's Castle.

But that was just the beginning. We quickly came to a series of colorful cliffs, many with very interesting formations.

The following is an arch known as Lover's Leap.

If you use your imagination, you can see a face in the next rock formation.

I believe the next one is known as Indian Head Rock.

I like the tree clinging for dear life in the next shot.

Our captain took the boat into the very narrow Chapel Cove. We went all the way in to the end. It was doable on this night because the water was calm.

On the return trip, the sun had come down further and the rocks were lit up even better. This next arch is called Grand Portal.

I love the red colors on the cliffs behind Kai and my wife.

I love how the color of the water matches that of the cliffs.

We got right next to this waterfall.

And here's Miner's Castle on the way back, now basking in orange.

On this night, we got a bonus of a nearly full moon.

And of course you can't have a sunset cruise without a sunset.

It was quite a trip, even better that I hoped for.

We don't think of the midwestern part of the US when it comes to spectacular sights. In that way Pictured Rocks is a mostly unknown gem.

This was definitely a highlight of our trip.


  1. It looked very cool on board. It must have felt good on board and taking in the views. There are so many places I had never known existed until I saw your pictures.

    1. Even living in the Midwest, we don't hear about these places. I was originally thinking our trip up here to the U.P. would be much shorter but the more I researched the more I wanted to stay longer and see more sights.


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