Monday, June 27, 2011

Our Weekend Outdoors

The beautiful weather we had this weekend was a welcome change from the storm earlier in the week. It was too nice not to get outside a lot.

On Saturday, I needed to do a lot of yard work, so my wife and Kai had an afternoon of fun in the water at a nearby public pool.

It sounded like they had a great time. As he had on our recent weekend in Ohio, Kai showed that he is very comfortable in the water, even without his swim instructor present.

But he was disappointed that I did not go with them and said that he wanted to go to the “family pool” next time, meaning that he wanted all of us to go.

So, we made plans for all of us to go again on Sunday.

But, first, a short drive over the border to Wisconsin for some pick-your-own-strawberries.

This was our fifth visit to Thompson’s Farm. I still remember our first time when Kai was three years old, he ate almost as many strawberries as my wife and I could put into our baskets. And on the car ride home, he continued to gobble up the berries we managed to collect. Since then, we decided to make it an annual tradition.

On this visit, he ate a lot fewer berries in the field. And he started to complain about his leg being itchy, probably because it had brushed up against the berry plants and weeds. Memo for next year: have him wear long pants. Or bring along some anti-itch cream.

Once he started whining, we knew our time in the field was short. My wife and I hurried to fill out our baskets while Kai shouted that he wanted to go home. Fortunately sound disperses (somewhat) when you are in a big strawberry field. We ended up with two baskets of small but very tasty berries, then went home.

I would show you pictures but in our rush we forgot to take any. Instead, here is a picture from our first visit four years ago. Looking at this photo, it reminds me that Kai did not make much eye contact back then, with either people or cameras.

After we got home, we made our way back to the pool. Kai was content and happy being back in the water. I was happy that he wanted me to come along. We all seemed to relax in the sun and water.

It was a great way to wind up the weekend. Looking forward to the next one.


  1. What a nice family outing. I have never tried one of the pick your own farms. I am sure there must be some near us. Kai looks cute in the picture...I'll bet it was quite the adventure for him the first time there.

  2. We have done pick-your-own blueberries and apples in addition to the strawberries. The strawberries are hardest on the back, and the thought of going is often more enticing than the actual back-breaking picking. But, Kai usually loves it.

    I wonder if pick-your-own is more of a Midwest thing and not so much in CA?

  3. Actually, I found one about 30 minutes away. We can pick Strawberries and Cherries. They have a picnic and children's play area as well as a small animal petting type of zoo. We are going this Saturday. We thank you for the great idea!

    I also blogged about another free web site similar to the previous...but extending the subjects and grade level. Kai would like it I am sure.

  4. Hey that's great! I hope you have a nice time!

    Thanks for tip on the e-learning for kids' site! It looks very appropriate for Kai.


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