Friday, June 3, 2011

Water Balloons – The Source of Great Joy

It was a hot day. One of our first hot days this year.

My son came home from school and asked if he could do his homework right away. Hmm, that’s strange. But the reason for his unusual request soon became clear. Kai said that he wanted to play with water balloons, and knew that he would not be able to without having his homework done first.

And so, for a change, he focused on his homework and finished quickly. But before we could play, it was time to go to one of his therapy sessions. Now usually at the end of these sessions, he dawdles, not wanting to clean up or leave right away. But this time, my wife said that he wrapped up even before it was time to go, and then came rushing out for Mom to drive him home.

When they got home, my wife told me how excited Kai was to play water balloons with me. But she didn’t have to tell me. I could see the anticipation in his face as he asked me to play with him.

At seven years old, my son doesn’t have quite the innocence he had until just a short time ago. He is growing up fast. He seems a bit more independent, a bit more headstrong and defiant. On most days, playing with Dad doesn’t generate quite the same enthusiasm that it used to.

But the unadulterated bliss he felt on this day reminded me of those bygone days when I brought out his biggest smiles just by spending time with him.

Of course, I knew that it was mainly the thought of the water balloons that got him so revved up. But as we got each other soaking wet and laughed together, it was awesome to feel the pure joy of a father and son having a great time together.

Water balloons. Thank you.


  1. Great story. Those are the memories he will remember most fondly...good times with family.

  2. Thanks. I'm not sure how many specific memories people retain from they were young children, but I think the feelings always stay with you.


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