Monday, June 6, 2011


Kai’s cousin Rudy graduated from high school over the weekend. Rudy overcame a learning disability to reach this milestone. He had a lot of struggles, so this is a particularly wonderful accomplishment for him, and his mom.

Rudy is a great inspiration to us, showing that through hard work and dedication, you can achieve your goals. And as he has been accepted to college, even more achievements are in his future.

* * * * *

Because of the graduation, there were a lot of out-of-town guests to see and parties to attend this weekend.

On Saturday, we went to a barbeque and, for the first time, Kai sought out his one-year older cousin to play. It was another sign that he is willing, and perhaps more able these days, to have social interactions with other children.

Sunday was the graduation party. There were a number of people there that Kai had either never met or not seen since he was a very young child. He went up to each of these people and asked them their name. I think he may have even approached some strangers walking by on the nearby sidewalk.

It was marvelous to see him be so sociable. He was certainly more the social butterfly than I was.

We tried to teach him that he should introduce himself as well, but that one still needs work. Most times he just got the other person’s name and moved on to the next person unless the other person asked for his name, too.

Of course, all those who have not seen him in a long time commented at how much he had changed. And he certainly had. It was, by far, the most interaction we’d ever seen from him.

I think he always had an outgoing personality, but now he is more comfortable around people. More and more he is developing the skills to interact with others.

Seeing this kind of progress on this particular day, we couldn’t help but dream about a day 11 years from now…

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  1. Yes...he is well on his way. He has the desire to connect...with that...he will find his way in life.

    My son went to a cousin's birthday yesterday. He has grown so much from years past in terms of socialization. My son is as yours...he has always wanted to connect...he has been finding more effective means as experience has been built upon experience.


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