Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend

We drove out east to spend Thanksgiving at my sister’s place. Even though it takes a day and a half, we prefer driving to flying as we can take a lot more of our son’s stuff with us (including his bicycle this time), as well as avoid the hassles at airports.

In addition, Kai also looks forward to going to the swimming pool at the motels we stay at going and coming back so it works out as a mini vacation while also saving a bit of money versus flying.

Kai usually does well on the long car rides as long as we don’t hit bad traffic. This time, though, he got upset when he fell asleep and missed us crossing into Pennsylvania. Usually, he doesn’t seem to care much about the state lines. And so I didn’t wake him. But after he woke up, he was furious when I told him that we were already in Pennsylvania.

He persisted in yelling, “Turn around! U-turn! U-turn!” for a good half hour, saying he wanted to go back to see the Pennsylvania Welcomes You sign.

Once we arrived at my sister’s place, our visit went well for the most part. Kai enjoys playing with his cousins and uncle and aunt. And more and more he has overcome his fear of their dog and this time played with Emi more than ever. This is a picture of him chasing her around the yard, each running with a stick in their mouths.

The weather was great so we went to a playground every day. The first day, Kai wanted to ride his bike there. I was a little reluctant as the road there has a bit of a hill and Kai is still rather new to riding. But he did fine on the hills.

Curbs, however, were an unexpected problem. While crossing a street, he missed the ramp up to the sidewalk and rode right into the curb. He tumbled head over heels off the bike, but wasn’t seriously hurt. He was angry, though, yelling “Stupid bike!” over and over. But I eventually got him to ride bike back to the house.

The next day, he rode into a signpost and again tumbled off his bike. He got back on but we didn’t go for another ride after that. He needs more practice in open areas.

We played darts, and Wii, and games. We went miniature golfing. Kai covered himself with mud in the backyard. He couldn’t have had a better time than that.

But the highlight of Thanksgiving is always more than just the activities. I loved being able to enjoy time with my sister, brother-in-law and nephews. And I also loved that they all are getting to know Kai better each time we get together.

Family getting together – that is the Thanksgiving highlight for me.

Check back tomorrow to read about Kai’s bond with his Uncle Frankie.


  1. It sounds as if a good time was had by all. The weather looked nice in the picture. I would imagine snow at this time of the year...although, I've only been to Pennsylvania for a week or so...the Poconos.

    Sorry...I laughed when I read that Kai had blamed the bike when he had crashed. I am sure so many of us had done that so many times in life....I certainly remember myself doing just the same thing when I was his age.

  2. We actually only passed through PA on our way toward Virginia, where the weather is usually still nice this time of year.

    Yes, once I saw that Kai wasn't hurt, I was smiling a bit at how angry he was at his bike.


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