Saturday, December 31, 2011

Visit to Legoland

With our son off from school for two weeks during Winter Break, we have a lot of time to fill, and we’ve been trying to come up with things to do with Kai. He actually told us that he wanted to go to Legoland one day, and we promised him that we would go.

In anticipation, this week he began building several of the sets he had received before, ones that have sat on the shelf untouched for most of the year.

And, yesterday, we made our trip to Legoland.

We found out that a lot of other people had the same idea.

Even though we had gotten tickets online for entry at a specified time, we had to wait in line to get in, along with the dozens of other families that bought their tickets ahead of time. The wait was about 15 minutes – not exorbitant, but still quite long for Kai. He was impatient, whining the whole time in line, which made the wait seem even longer for us.

But once we were inside, he was surprisingly good.

The place was tremendously crowded. Frankly, I felt overwhelmed with the crush of people. But, Kai did not get flustered.

He and my wife had been there before, but it was my first visit. I wouldn’t have been able to find anything on my own in that crowd, but they knew where to go.

I particularly enjoyed the Lego models of many famous Chicago buildings.

But Kai was most interested in seeing the 4-D movies. And though we had to wait in line twice to see each of the two movies, he was patient, at least by his standards. (The clock that counted down the time left until the next show started certainly helped Kai handle the wait – wish every place would have something like that!)

He ended up having a great time. He was a smiling kid throughout most of the time there.

And when it was time to leave, Mom bought him a new set, which he enjoyed making today.

It’s a nice way to close out the year.

Happy New Year, everybody!


  1. And wishing you a happy new year too!!

  2. To an ever growing year for Kai...and for you and your wife.

  3. Thank you, Steph and Shiroi! Happy New Year!


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