Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Big Brother at School

When we were at our son’s school last week, another student came up to my wife while she was with Kai and told her, “This guy is a genius!” He was effusive in his praise of Kai, and seemed genuinely happy for Kai that he had made Level 3.

We later found out that the boy is a fifth grader. As Kai is accelerated in math by three years, they are together during math class. A staff member at the school told us that Anthony is like a big brother to Kai, always encouraging him and complimenting him for being so smart. They also said that Anthony enjoys playing with Kai during the after-school program.

We hear so much these days about bullying, and with a child with special needs, it is especially a concern.

So, it is great to know there are kids like this who look after their younger peers. How many kids would even speak with a far younger student, let alone take them under their wings?

So, big thanks to Anthony! We appreciate it!


  1. I love hearing about the very decent young children out there, who through their everyday kindness, make a difference to the children junior to them. There were many such benevolent instances in my son's schools also. It is so good to hear about.

    I think that, in general, children respect those who have an advanced level of understanding...especially in areas involving Math and Science.

    Good for Kai...and for that kind young man.

    1. I want to add that I think this school, and I am guessing your son's school as well, fosters a sense of community that likely encourages kids to show this type of kindness. Usually you only hear of the bad incidents, so it is great to know there are kids like this out there.

  2. I LOVE IT and WOW your boy is brilliant

    1. He has an aptitude for math, that is for sure. Reading and writing... not so much.

      But yes, we are so grateful to have learned that an older boy helped make Kai more comfortable in a situation where he easily could have been intimidated.


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