Friday, May 4, 2012

Picnic at the Beach

It was a warm day in our parts yesterday. After an exceptionally warm winter, April returned to the norm, with cooler, rainy weather. So, when the sun came out yesterday and the temps warmed into the 80s, Kai asked if we could go to the beach.

It was late in the afternoon before we could leave the house, so we decided to have a picnic dinner on the beach.

When we got to the lakefront, we found only one other family there.

Kai enjoyed playing in the sand for awhile.

My wife and I tried unsuccessfully to fight off the flies. I normally don’t mind flies too much, but these were the kind that bites. I was bitten all over my feet and legs, but, for some reason, they left Kai alone.

Dark clouds started hovering over us when we started to eat our dinner. And when the first drops of rain started to fall, we decided to pack up and head back home. Frankly, I was happy to find an excuse to get away from the bugs.

Kai didn’t mind… he has a fear of thunderstorms so he was glad to leave.

Despite the bugs, it was nice to do an activity all together as a family again. With my wife having been away, and then still exhausted from her trip for the past few days, this was our first family outing in a few weeks.

Kai loved it, and can’t wait to do more this weekend. He has been looking forward to trying a new miniature golf course, as he had wanted to wait until Mom was home. He also did not want to get a new movie for our Video Nights until Mom was back.

So, I’m sure this weekend will be a fun one. Can’t wait!


  1. must be the sweet one of the family to have all the bites! :)

    Hope the weekend really is a wonderful one...sounds like you have some great plans!

    1. I thought the bugs would prefer young blood, but I'm really glad they don't bother Kai. I can tolerate it much better than he probably would.

    2. Oh, that is so true! My boys will scratch a mosquito bite to the bone!

  2. A family doing things together once again. I am sure Kai feels so much better, now that the two most important persons in his life are with him again.

  3. Kai wanting to wait to enjoy a new experience as a family (new movie) was especially cute!

    1. Yes, he is having a good time with Mom back.


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