Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother’s Day and Other Weekend Activities

It was another busy weekend.

I brought my dad over for another visit. Kai made it his mission to bring him up to speed on his latest collection, Trash Pack cards.

Of course it was Mother’s Day yesterday. Kai presented Mom with a hat and shirt that he had painted.

The three of us walked three dogs. I had the biggest dog, the Border Collie, Emi. Mom had the next biggest, the Cavalier King Charles, Momo. And, Kai had the smallest one, the Chihuahua, Shandy.

This weekend was the ice show that Kai and his special needs class has been practicing for. He ended up skating in three performances. Kai is in the purple shirt in the center.

The group performed a routine to the song We Are Family, and every member of the group wore a shirt that proclaimed a different member of the family. Some of the girls were Sister or Aunt. Some of the other boys were Brother, Uncle or Father. A few of the buddy skaters were Cousin.

Kai? He was Mother. Which I thought was odd, at first. I think whoever assigned the shirts didn’t realize that he was a boy. But given that it was Mother’s Day, I thought it was a nice tribute to Mom.

My sister and brother-in-law returned from their trip in time to join us for a Mother’s Day dinner at a teppanyaki restaurant. That is one of those Japanese steakhouses where the chef prepares the meal for you right at the table.

We had gone there once before, a couple years ago, and Kai’s lasting memory of that occasion was when the chef creates a huge flame at the table before cooking the meat. It’s intended to be exciting, but for my boy who is anxious about everything, all it did was get him scared. From the time the order taker first came to the table, he asked everyone, several times each, when the fire was going to happen.

And when it was finally time, he ran into Mom’s arms for safety.

But once that was over with, he enjoyed his meal.

I hope your weekend was just as nice!


  1. That all sounds very fun! The ice skating..the dog walk...and the food! Those restaurants are fun...entertaining and delicious food, too! Glad you all enjoyed it!

    1. The weekend was hectic, but fun. And it was good to go to the restaurant with a bit of a larger group than just the three of us as we did not have to share the table with anyone else.

  2. A very nice day with family. I see lots of big smiles...that says it all.

    1. Yes, it was a good day for smiles!

  3. sounds like a wonderful weekend
    love the pics of your precious family
    The mother T shirt is so cute


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