Saturday, August 22, 2015

New England Vacation – Day 14: A Foggy, Wet Day

It was another foggy morning in Maine.

We took the Casco Bay ferry to Peaks Island, just 17 minutes away from the dock in Portland. When I was planning the trip, I had envisioned that the ferry would enable us to see some spectacular sights of the Casco Bay islands. Instead, here’s the view as we’re coming into the island.

We rented a golf cart to tour the island. It allowed us to travel the entire circumference of the island in less than an hour.

The rocky shores looked hauntingly beautiful in the fog and mist.

In part of the shoreline, we saw dozens of cairns like the ones we saw the other night when we trekked over to Bar Island.

As we were circling the island, rain started to fall. We were glad the golf cart had a roof that kept us relatively dry.

We ended up back at the “downtown” area of the island and visited the world’s only umbrella cover museum. The proprietor collects umbrella covers (not umbrellas themselves, just the covers) from around the world and displays them in her very small museum.

And with that, we had pretty much seen what we wanted to see on the island, at least on a foggy and rainy day.

We caught the ferry back to Portland and had lunch. The cup of clam chowder was perfect for this wet day.

And then it was back to the hotel where we would relax and stay dry, at least until we went to the pool.

The rain stopped later in the afternoon and we ventured back out to see a bit of the Old Port neighborhood. Kai especially liked the shop that had a lot of funny items.

For our last dinner in Maine, we went to a Mexican restaurant. I somewhat wanted one last seafood dinner, my wife wanted Japanese again, but neither of us protested when Kai said he preferred Mexican. I think I had my fill of seafood for a while.

At dinner, Kai enjoyed reading the book of Maine cartoons by local cartoonist Jeff Pert.

And with that, our time in Maine is coming to an anticlimactic end. Next we are headed back to Massachusetts.

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