Sunday, August 16, 2015

New England Vacation – Day 8: Vermont

This may have been Kai’s happiest day of the vacation.

Of course, we were mostly just driving in the car all day, and Kai was on his iPad during most of that time, so his enjoyment of the day came from doing the things he loves to do at home as opposed to anything due to the vacation itself.

If it were up to him, I don’t think we would go anywhere. Our vacations would be spent at home on the iPad all day, taking breaks only to go to the swimming pool.

Today he used the seabands and herbal seasickness-prevention remedies we had gotten for the whale watching tour, and that seemed to work in terms of staving off car sickness.

We left Mystic in the morning and headed north. We drove into western Massachusetts on our way to Vermont, and then the GPS took us west into upstate New York before we finally made our way into Vermont.

We stopped for lunch in Bennington, a typical old New England town. And then continued on our way north.

The Green Mountains were green and beautiful. They reminded me a bit of the Smoky Mountains, especially as it got cloudy.

We hit a bit of rain, but as we were only driving, it didn’t interfere with any activities.

The one thing we wanted to do that day was to take the Ben & Jerry’s tour at their Waterbury headquarters.

There was a crowd of people there; this must be one of the most popular tourist attractions in Vermont. But as they have tours every 10 minutes, they are able to accommodate everyone. We waited about 40 minutes for our tour.

We all enjoyed the half hour tour, especially the sample of ice cream at the end. Milk and Cookies was the flavor they were giving out today.

After the tour, we went to our motel. Kai was anxious to go swimming, and the rain stopped so we were able to get in a dip in the pool before dinner.

Dinner at the inn was crispy duck for my wife, and ribs for Kai.

Both were very good. I had the rib eye steak special but it was disappointing. My wife and I both agree that she has had the better dishes at almost every place we have eaten on this trip.

So it was a relatively low key day, but perhaps a needed one. More adventures await.


  1. Tomorrow, let your wife choose your food! :)

    1. Haha, that's a good idea! The best dinner I had was when I ordered the same thing she did.

  2. I actually had the best steak of my life last week. It was a 27 oz. Rib Eye with bone. The Outback was where I had eaten it. Finally! It was the most flavorful, juicy, and tender steak...I thought I would never be able to eat such a steak...except in my dreams. Although it was my second choice, as their Prime Rib was sold out...the 27 oz. Rib Eye is now my first choice!

    Sorry...just thought you may stop in at an Outback restaurant to make up for the last steak. :)

    1. Wow, that is a big steak! Glad you finally found a great steak out there. I actually had another rib eye last night in New Hampshire (not 27oz though), and it was very good. My wife had the prime rib and we both thought that though the prime rib may have been more tender, the ribeye was more tasty.


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