Sunday, August 23, 2015

New England Vacation – Day 16: Home

Today was getaway day. After over two weeks in New England, we would be flying home.

At the hotel, we had another tiff, this time over breakfast. Kai was upset when the waiter brought out cinnamon French toast instead of cinnamon pancakes. It was his own fault as he wasn’t clear when ordering, but the waiter said he would bring out pancakes for him. But even after that, Kai complained that he didn’t like pancakes.

My wife and I had had our fill of his complaining over everything. When we got back to our room, my wife told Kai that next summer she would put him in a summer camp while she and I would go on a vacation without him. There was no point in him going on vacation if he was just going to complain about everything and not enjoy anything.

This got him upset, probably not so much over the thought of missing out on a vacation, but of being away from home without Mom. He tried to tell us that he would behave better. Well, we’ll believe that when we see it.

We had a couple hours before we had to go to the airport, so I drove around Cambridge to show my wife and Kai M.I.T. and Harvard. We got out of the car and walked around Harvard Yard, but I don’t think our hearts were in sightseeing. We cut short the tour and went to the airport.

Kai’s mood noticeably brightened as the time to take off neared. I think most kids mourn the end of the vacation, especially since he starts school tomorrow, but Kai was gleeful.

Our plane was delayed slightly, but nothing could dampen Kai’s spirit.

And when we landed in Chicago, he was very happy.

“I missed home, Dad. Did you?”

I told him I did, too, a little bit. But I enjoyed the vacation as well.

He said that after thinking about it, he realized he did enjoy the vacation, too, at least 75% of it.

I asked him what things he enjoyed the most and was happy that he was able to mention some specific things including whale watching, Ben & Jerry’s, ziplining, Diver Ed, and the baseball game.

But still, he was thrilled when we finally got home. He first went to play with some Legos, and then went to his bed and beloved blanket.

My wife and I are glad to be home as well. I think we both missed home-cooked meals, among other things. Plus, we’re physically and psychologically exhausted.

A year ago, when we went to Japan for our summer vacation, we marveled at how well Kai handled the heat and humidity. He seemed mostly genuinely interested in seeing the sights and was pretty much a happy kid.

A lot has changed in a year, and not for the better.

We’ll be thinking about what we can do to turn things around.

With the official start of middle school tomorrow, this will be the start of a big year for him.


  1. Isn't it funny how vacations exhaust us? I know what you mean....and it takes a few days to recover!

    I hope the school year starts off well....hard to believe summer vacation is over!

    1. It's amazing how exhausting vacations are!

      The summer went by fast... can't believe we're starting another school year already.

  2. No matter how interesting the vacation...home is always best.

    Kai will remember the good times had though, I am quite sure.

    1. Sometimes it seems he only remembers the bad times but then he'll say something about the good times as well,


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