Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Hawaii Vacation - Day 11: West Maui

After getting back late from Haleakala, and with a long day planned for the following day, we had a relatively light schedule for Day 11. We decided to go back to West Maui to pick up where we left off a couple days earlier when Kai had his stomachache.

We first went to the resort community of Ka'anapali.

We took a quick look at the beach and stopped in a few shops. It was very upscale and developed.

We then drove all the way north where the resorts disappeared, and the road narrows and winds, and ended up at the Nakalele Blowhole. This is a powerful ocean blowhole shooting up between lava formations. There is a sign to warn people not to get too close as a few people have gotten sucked into the hole and died.

I figured that Kai would not want to make the hike over to get a close look, so we watched the blowhole from afar.

This one seemed more powerful than the blowhole we had seen on Oahu, with the water shooting up like a geyser at Yellowstone.

Soon it was lunchtime, and we found a food truck along the side of the road. This was the only place to eat in the nearby area so we were happy to find it.

The truck was in a nice setting, with picnic tables next to a stream.

We all had the chicken curry. If you'll look at the following picture carefully, there are several wild chickens in the background behind our picnic table.

The woman who cooks the curry spoke with us a little bit. She moved here from St. Louis after her daughter and son-in-law moved here. This food truck is their latest venture, operating it together for less than a year.

My wife thought that operating a food truck would be a good venture for us, except we could have one that sold shave ice. Kai could help to make the shave ice. Ha, we'll see.

Near the food truck is a beach that the man who served us the curry (the son-in-law) said is one of the best snorkeling beaches in Maui. We took a look from above.

We may have to come back to Honolua Bay on one of our remaining days to do snorkeling.

On this day, we drove over to Kapalua Bay which is another nice beach on Maui's west side. We liked that it had restrooms (well, actually only one since the men's room was out of order so they turned the women's room into a unisex), showers, and is said to be good for snorkeling.

The snorkeling was good and we saw lots of uni (sea urchins) and fish, but after having been to so many great snorkeling beaches in Hawaii, this one was a little disappointing. If we had gone here first, or perhaps on a different day or time, we may have thought differently.

After snorkeling, we drove back to our condo to shower and change, and had an earlier dinner to rest up for a big day ahead. We went to Three's, a restaurant featured on the Food Network, and recommended to us by Kai's former speech therapist, Alyson. Three's is unusual in that it is run by three chefs who each come from a different culinary focus, and so the menu is eclectic featuring Hawaiian, Asian, and southwestern influences.

Kai had the ramen and my wife had the fish of the day (Opah).

After seeing so many sea urchins while snorkeling, I wanted to try the uni don (sea urchin on rice). It was good, but was very similar to rice bowls I've had at other places and I wished I had ordered the Hawaiian jambalaya instead.

Tomorrow, we will have a long day as we the travel the Road to Hana.


  1. Another first class day. You have many good shots, however, the last two photos were especially good photos because of the soft lighting. They seemed to bring out the inner characteristics of your son and wife. Kai looked very mature, intelligent, and reserved. And, your wife looked very warm and friendly. Both of the photos also looked very natural.

    1. It was a good day; perhaps not as many thrilling sights as on other days, but we got to see different parts of the island and have new experiences.


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