Saturday, August 5, 2017

Hawaii Vacation - Day 14: Our Last Full Day in Maui

Our vacation is just about over. We had one last full day to enjoy, and wanted to go to the beach one more time.

We had gone to a different beach every day and continued that pattern right to the end. Our choice this time was Pa'ako Beach, better known as Secret Cove, and also known as Wedding Beach. This is a small beach just to the south of Makena (Big Beach). It is a "secret" because the beach is hidden with its entrance through a narrow pathway between two stone walls. It may be a bit of a secret to tourists, but locals seem very familiar with it as it is a popular spot for weddings. In fact, when we got there, folks were gathered for a wedding and one man asked us if we would leave so they could have the place to themselves. Of course, as a public beach, they really are not allowed to do that.

We decided that we would be happy if we could take a quick look at the beach and snap a few pictures, then we would leave and find another place to swim.

You can see why this picturesque spot is very popular for weddings.

We drove to neighboring Makena Beach and swam there. Known as Big Beach, it is long and unusually wide by Maui standards. It is very scenic, but you have to be very careful as there are large shorebreaks close to shore. So, it is important to pay attention when going into and coming out of the water so that you aren't barreled over by a huge wave.

Once in the water and away from the breaks, Kai relaxed and bobbed in the water.

After awhile my wife came in but I didn't want Kai out there by himself so I stayed out with him. He enjoyed bobbing for quite a long time.

When the sun was shining, the water was a beautiful emerald green.

When we finally came in, it was time for lunch. We decided to get food to bring back to our condo.

We first went to Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonade where they make fresh, handcrafted lemonade using locally-grown ingredients. Kai had lavender blackberry, may wife had ginger pineapple, and I had lilikoi strawberry in a mason jar. The lemonade was delicious as it tasted so fresh.

We then went to Eskimo Candy, a take-out joint recommended by Kai's former speech therapist. My wife had a poke bowl, Kai had a burger, and I had chicken teriyaki which we enjoyed on the patio of our condo.

My wife said her poke was the best she had while here in Hawaii. It was great to eat a relaxed lunch with the ocean in sight.

We then relaxed and started to pack before heading out to the small quaint town of Paia (which is at the start of The Road to Hana). We visited a few of the art and craft shops, the went for an early dinner at Mama's Fish House where we had reservations. Located right on the shore just outside Paia, this place came highly recommended by a colleague at work, and also by Kai's former speech therapist.

We started out with some tropical non-alcoholic drinks.

We had crispy mahimahi rolls and raw oysters for appetizers. Both were delicious!

Kai didn't get upset even though I told him that he could not use any electronics after the food was served.

For his entree, Kai chose the Traditional Hawaiian which included both fish and meat. He said that he wild boar was very good... as a boy who doesn't usually comment on his meal, this was quite a statement.

My wife had mahimahi.

I had opakapaka, a Hawaiian snapper. It was steamed with ginger and peanut oil, and was very tasty.

The ambiance was wonderful as the restaurant had an seaside feel inside and a view of the actual ocean outside.

Kai's favorite part of the meal was dessert! He had coconut ice cream.

But I think he was most impressed with my liliko'i chocolate mousse in a pastry seashell. My wife had the guava cheesecake with breadfruit.

After dinner, we walked the grounds outside the restaurant. Unfortunately clouds had rolled in just where the sun was to set, but it was still pretty there.

The rocky shoreline was striking.

And here's a view looking back at the restaurant with the full moon overhead.

And so wrapped up our last night in Hawaii. We will have about a half day before heading over to the airport, but our vacation is definitely winding down. So, it was nice to have this celebratory dinner to commemorate our trip.


  1. You really had a taste of the islands. How did you like Poi? I loved it.
    Kai really had a swimming extravaganza. You had some great open air eating as well.

    1. Shiroi, poi is the one thing we had here that I wasn't too fond of. I remember hating it as a kid but didn't think it was as bad this time. My wife and Kai did not like it at all, though.

      Love the open air dining, especially at Mama's where the view was so nice.

      Yes, I think this may have been Kai's favorite vacation just for the swimming alone.


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