Monday, August 7, 2017


After the travel delays that eventually caused us to leave nearly 23 hours later than originally scheduled, we finally just made it home.

Kai handled the last portion of our wait at the airport fairly well, as his agitation with United diminished. And once on the plane, he was a happy camper.

Despite the difficult last day, I am sure we will look back on our Hawaii trip with many very fond memories. Kai mentioned more than once that he was sad about leaving Hawaii. He usually doesn't express such thoughts about vacations coming to an end even when he has had great times, so I think this one particularly stood out for him.

Beautiful new places, great experiences, fun times... it was a wonderful vacation!


  1. Ah...Kai saying he was going to miss Hawaii...meant it was truly a first class vacation. I knew you were on a super vacation when you incorporated a lot of swim time off the normal tourist locales.

    I am sure Kai deeply appreciates how his father had planned the vacation so well (minus United :).

    1. I know that Kai really enjoyed having a lot of time in the water. I like that every day it was a different beach or waterfall so he got to experience a lot of great sights in the process.

      I don't think Kai appreciates the planning involved; what is important is that he had such great experiences! And next time, we will try to exclude United from our plans. :)


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