Monday, August 29, 2011

End of Summer, Time Flies

This was the last weekend of the year that the swimming pool in our neighborhood was open. Our son wanted to go there before it closed, so we went for two last visits over the weekend.

For the first time, Kai went over to the really deep part of the pool. This t-shaped pool is tailored for families, with the bulk of the area no deeper than four feet. However, a section at the base of the “T” goes down to ten feet.

Until now, Kai had been too afraid to go past the 5-foot mark. But, on these last visits, he went underneath the rope and ventured over to the deep end.

At first, he clung to the side as he moved along the edge until he came to the 10-foot mark. Later, he swam across using his kickboard. And then, he swam a short distance without the kickboard.

He is now a much better swimmer than I am. Frankly, I don’t like going over to the deep end. But, Kai has conquered his fears of the water and is now unbelievably comfortable.

With the pool closing, it is a sure sign that summer is almost over. In some ways, it feels like summer just began, and so this is a reminder of how time flies.

But I don’t need the changing of the seasons to tell me that. I can see that just by observing how much my son has changed.

And so, as we Midwesterners appreciate summer because it doesn’t last very long, I will also appreciate my son’s childhood, as that too, shall pass quickly.


  1. This is great! I hope he retains his progress until next season!

  2. Wow...good for Kai. He has a great adventuresome spirit. true. Our children grow so very quickly...we must set aside ample time to enjoy this part of their lives with them...they shall not come again.

  3. Even though our local pool is closing, Kai will continue his swim lessons over at another pool so we hope he will continue to progress in the water.

    It is great to see his adventuresome spirit surpass his fears.


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