Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First Day of School

It’s that time already: today is the first day of school.

My son will now be a second grader. It is not as momentous as when he entered kindergarten. But the start of a school year is always a milestone to note. If nothing else, it marks the passage of time.

Change in routine is always hard for our son. Even the subtle difference between Kai’s summer school schedule and his regular school year schedule was tough to adapt to. Now, being off from school completely for about a month, it will be an even bigger adjustment for him.

With Kai having attended summer school, his break really wasn’t all that long. Still, after being on vacation for much of the past few weeks, and now having settled into a relatively light schedule at home since we’ve been back from our trip, it feels like it has been a long time since he was in school. And that is going to make going back to school a challenge for him.

For the past couple of days, he has been saying that he doesn’t want to go to school. He says that he is sick and needs to go to the doctor’s instead.

Following the pretty terrible session of summer school where he seemingly had incidents every day, and our vacation where we faced many challenges, this does not make us confident that all will go well as he returns to school.

So, we will be anxious to see how it goes on this first day.

Regardless of how it goes the first day, we hope that once he settles back into the routine of the regular school year, he will get back on track.

I’m strapping on my imaginary helmet and seatbelt. I think it will be a bumpy ride.

Okay, I’m ready. Here we go…


  1. I know exactly what you mean
    Same here
    Hope he has a good week

  2. Go Kai! I'll bet deep down...he will like the steady schedule of the school routine. He may resist at first...but with his realization of a dependable schedule of daily events...he will start to feel comfortable again.

    I am rooting for him. Alex liked the set routine of school when he went...although he loves home schooling much more now.

    Please let Kai know that Alex is rooting for him too. They are very much alike in many ways.

  3. I think you are right that he will feel comfortable when he settles back into the routine. Thanks for the well wishes!

  4. I love that line - 'a passage of time' - I am really nervous. With 12 days left to kindergarten, my stomach is in knots. Reading the back to school posts are helpful.

  5. Thanks, Lisa. I know how you feel. Our son starting kindergarten was such a big deal for us. Try not to get too excited/stressed about it. Take it one day at a time. You may have good days and bad ones, so don't get too upset over a few bad moments.


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