Thursday, August 4, 2011

Favorite Photos – Laughing Hysterically Over a Pirate Game

I will be featuring some of my favorite photos of Kai over the next couple of weeks.

Today’s picture is from the summer of 2007, when Kai was three years old. His grandfather had just come for a visit from Japan and brought Kai a gift of a pirate game. The game involves players taking turns sticking small swords into a barrel until the pirate pops out. Between the funny sounds and the surprise of the pirate popping out of the barrel, Kai thought it was the funniest thing and he laughed jubilantly as he kept playing the game over and over.

There’s nothing like seeing your child have so much fun to bring joy to yourself, too.


  1. That picture reminds me of my son doing full belly laughs at the simplest things when he was younger.

    Kai is having the time of his life in that photo!

    Those are some of the most precious times...full uninhibited laughter.

  2. Kai still laughs quite a lot... I wonder how long he will do so. Hopefully he will never completely outgrow that part of his very endearing personality.


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