Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ending the Year at School with a Good Week

Yesterday was the last day of school in 2011.

Kai started out the year with an amazing month, making it through January without a major incident at school. But it’s been rocky since then, with rarely a full week ever going by without an incident. Or, lately, even just a couple of days.

So it was nice that on this last week of school for the year, he had a pretty good week. His scores on his Point Sheet at school were consistently high, at least by his standards. And he had safe behaviors most of the time.

He earned Student of the Week honors.

Kai was in a great mood when he got home from school. Of course all kids love the start of winter break. But he also got an extra lift from the recognition.

Though he doesn’t exactly say so, we sometimes see signs that he feels discouraged when his classmates are doing well while he has struggled so much. So, it is nice that he was able to put together this good week and received a boost to his self esteem.

We’ve got a busy week coming up. And having our son home nearly full time for the next two weeks will be an adjustment, not just for him, but for us, too.

So it’s great to go into the break on such a positive note.

I’ve now got “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” ringing in my head.


  1. So cool that Kai gets 2 weeks off from school - will he have problems adjusting when he returns & getting back into routine?

    And happy to hear that he's being recognized for his hard work! I'm sure it means a lot to him. And to you too :)

  2. Two weeks is nice... for him! For us, he may drive us crazy. ;)

    But, yes, it likely will be difficult to get back into the school routine, though you never know. Last year, January went fine.

  3. Good for Kai. All of you deserve a great holiday.

  4. Student of the week! That is wonderful! I hope you have a good couple of weeks...I know that feeling of the 24/7. Hopefully it will be good for all of us! :)

  5. Thanks, Betsy. Yes, let's hope that we'll all still be smiling into the new year! :)


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