Monday, December 19, 2011

First Snow

We had our first snow over the weekend. It was just a light dusting, and what fell on our driveway melted quickly without the need to shovel it.

But seeing the white stuff made Kai excited at the prospect of going sledding.

We tried to temper his enthusiasm, as we weren’t sure there would be enough snow for sledding. But we went to check it out.

No one was at the hill. We could see bits of green grass mixed with the white snow.

But we climbed to the top, and when I gave Kai a push, he slid all the way down with ease.

The conditions were perfect, actually. There was just enough snow to slide down the hill, but not enough for other people to think of coming out. And it wasn’t so slippery as to make for the super-fast conditions that scare Kai.

Kai is usually not one of those kids who likes to sled for hours. So, after several runs he had enough. But later in the day, he wanted to come out again. And there was still just enough snow.

The first sledding of the season – it was a good start to winter break.


  1. I'll say! Looks like fun - which reminds me...I should probably buy a sled for Norrin. He loved watching the big kids do it, I know he'll like it.

  2. I'll bet Norrin would like it. Sometimes it's hard to find activities for our kids in the winter... we've found that sledding is a great way to get out, get some exercise, and have fun.

  3. Aw, perfect Kai sledding conditions = perfect holiday story!

    Hope the rest of your holidays are just as fun!


  4. Thanks, Myra. Best to you, too!

  5. Alex was just like Kai on the snow earlier this year. We had taken him to a children's snow park. He was satisfied after four or so runs. We than went home satisfied.

    Kai looks very happy in the picture!

  6. Kai was really happy, which made us happy!


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