Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween: Ketchup and Mustard

Kai has been really into collecting Trashies that I thought perhaps that he could be one for Halloween.

About a month ago, I googled “Trashies Halloween costume” and, well, let’s just say the results were not what I was looking for. (Though I notice today that the same search now yields a bunch of kid-appropriate results.)

We eventually found one Trash Pack costume for sale, but since it was for young kids, it would not fit Kai. So, I decided that I would make him a costume this year.

I ordered a light-weight collapsible trash can. We would make it a craft project to paint it as if it were trash-stained, and to also paint an old t-shirt.

Unfortunately, nearly four weeks later, the trash can never arrived. It is still showing as “In transit,” stuck at some UPS facility. I contacted the seller and they refunded the money rather than send out another one.

So, still without a Halloween costume for Kai and with the big day approaching, my wife went out and got a replacement:

It’s not homemade, but I have to admit that they look good together.

My wife attended the Halloween parade at school in costume.

And then they came home and did a short round of trick-or-treating in the rain.

When I got home from work, Kai was ready to go again. I don’t think he particularly cared about getting more candy – he eats hardly any of the candy he collects – he just wanted to do another round with me, which was very sweet.

And so it was my turn to be Ketchup, and we embarked just as the rain picked up again.

Three Halloweens ago, Kai was just beginning to talk more ably and it was still hit or miss whether he would say “trick-or-treat” and I constantly had to remind him to say “thank you” at each house. He did not respond when people commented about his costume.

This year, I heard him say “trick-or-treat” loudly and clearly. And I only had to remind him to say “thank you” once.

And when people remarked how great his costume was, he quickly and appropriately thanked them.

At one house, the person at the door did not see me hanging further back with the umbrella over my head. Seeing Kai as mustard, she asked what happened to ketchup. He turned around, pointed to me, and told the woman, “He’s right there.”

We probably went to less than ten houses before turning around and heading back home. It was late and the wind started picking up.

But it was plenty of time for father-and-son bonding.

And for me to notice the progress he has made with his communication and socialization.

And so, despite the rain, we had a great Halloween.


  1. That was so considerate of Kai to wish to go with you on a round of Trick-or-Treating. I am sure that made your night right there. I think a pure heart is the most valuable human attribute. It was a good night indeed.

    1. To have your child so want to share such an experience with you is very very heartwarming. I don't know if it will stay that way as he gets older, but I am treasuring these occasions now.

  2. Oh, that is so cute! time, get Relish and all three of you can go together! haha. I love the Kai wanted to take a turn with you, too....he really does have a sweet and caring personality. I'm sure he's learned that from his parents. :)

    We had storms and our trick-or-treat was postponed until tonight. Our boys don't go out any longer, but we did all through grade school. The first year our boys just couldn't comprehend knocking on a door and not going inside when someone answered. Every house we went to, they would knock, the door would open, and they would barge through and into the house, taking the person by surprise. haha. Fortunately, all of our neighbors knew us and were gracious. They never wanted the candy, either, but seemed to enjoy the experience.

    1. Haha, I haven't seen any relish so we would have to make our own. I have seen a lot of dogs with hot dog costumes so maybe we should do that next year. :)

      Ha, that's funny that your boys would charge through the house when the door opened. Why not? Makes sense! Good that your neighbors were so understanding!

      Thanks, Betsy!


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