Monday, November 18, 2013

Is My Son’s Future At Risk With Impending School Board Decision?

How much money does a school district have to save to in order make it worth risking the future of a few kids with special needs?

That is the question that the North Shore School District 112 Board of Education will be faced with at its next board meeting Tuesday night.

I discuss this in a post today on my local Patch site.

I know many of you are not local to my area, but for those of you that are, please spread the word. I think that there has been almost no publicity about this important decision and time is running very short.

Please click here to read more.

Thank you.


  1. Your "Patch" article was very well thought out and well written. Hopefully, your board will listen to reason.

    1. Thank you! Patch put this on their Facebook page and it is generating a lot of discussion. I am glad that word is finally getting out and that people may have a chance to comment. It's shameful that the administrators tried to push this decision through as quietly as they could.

  2. I'm glad the word is getting out! Many times the things that aren't publicized get through and then it's too late! Best of luck!

    1. We got the word out, at least a little bit. Better late than never. Thanks, Betsy.


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