Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The School Board's Vote

I attended the school board meeting last night. Unfortunately, it looks like minds were made well before the meeting. Read my thoughts here.


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    1. It was not a surprise, Betsy, which actually only makes it more disheartening.

  2. It is good that you had spoken at the meeting. As it is on official record, it cannot be said that no one had raised the issue. Also, I don't know about there...but if they have regulations stipulating that certain protocols must be followed before certain measures may be passed...and they had breached those protocols, the decision may be nullified (which would only buy you another year (or whatever the predetermined period of time between such measures may be raised) before the issue may be raised once again).

    Unfortunately, any action taken by the citizen is designed to be an uphill battle. Each citizen has to work to care for his family...he has very limited time. Each of us has limited funds also. The government officials have layered defenses...unlimited time and funds...county or city lawyers...etc.

    The most efficient way to defeat government officials and their to know their policies and bylaws. If they breach their own laws or policies...their decisions may be vacated. Appropriate notification of citizens is almost a universal mandate on officials. However, there is also a time window of response from citizens which must be followed. The key is knowing the rules which must be followed by officials...and calling them on it in time.

    I have prevented myself from being taken advantage of from supervisors on a personal basis...and I have been part of larger efforts to reverse policies in departments as a whole...because of my knowing the opposition's own policies and procedures...State Labor Laws...etc. The way to defeat an entity of almost unlimited funds and to do it through their own rules.

    My son was well taken care of throughout the school system early on, because my wife learned the laws and policies of that which applied to his rights. She attended all of the meetings with the school (I also attended when I could)...and just by reminding them that certain things must be done...and by making gentle corrections to their proposed plans...Alex had everything he was supposed to have...when he was supposed to have them.

    Another possible way to achieve your know the board's allocations and prioritization of their spending. By proposing a cost effective alternative (in writing)...they would then have to justify their decision on that basis.

    I know it sounds flippant of me to just sit back and make these suggestions...which would then have to be followed up with much effort on your part. However, it need not be a battle you would have to face alone. There are many advocates out there who could help in your battle. Many are geared to provide legal advice free. They also often point out other agencies to contact. I hope this has helped just a little.

    Main Point: The greatest way to advocate for to know the opposition's own policies and procedures within which they MUST operate.

    1. This was my first time attending a school board meeting. It was an eye opener to see how little input the ordinary citizen has in a matter like this. They really make you feel like your thoughts mean nothing to them. Still, I am glad that I went and spoke out. I will have to study their policies to see if there is anything there that can be useful for our cause.

  3. Oh I am so sorry to read that :-( how disappointing

    1. Thanks, K. The decision is even more disappointing because of how it was made with no input from parents.


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