Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Then and Now: The Grand Canyon

My sister and I found a bunch of my parents’ old photos and we have been going through them. It is an eye-opener to see them so young.

Of course, we know that they must have been young at one time, but it is hard to picture them that way. I think we all tend to remember old people as they become after they are old, rather than what they were like in other periods of their lives, particularly before we knew them.

One of my projects will be to scan these old photos.

It has been fun to see that before they had kids, they traveled to some of the same places that I have taken my wife and Kai to recently. From time to time I may post some of the pictures they took during their travels.

This first one is from the trip they made to the Grand Canyon back in 1954, 60 years ago.

And this is a photo of me and Kai there last week.


  1. And you have given Kai the perfect "Then and now" shot for his children to enjoy. :)

    1. Ha, it will be nice if Kai can go there with a loved one some day. I hope I'll be around to see it. :)

  2. This is an AMAZING trip
    what a lovley juxtaposition
    I think I also just found one of your blogger friends Shiroi Tora's post - is he the dad of the the twice exceptional Alex

    1. Thanks, K.

      Yes, Shiroi Tora is the father of Alex, and you can read about them at his blog


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