Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring Break Vacation, Day 6 – Going Home

We had a few hours after we woke up before having to head to the airport to go home. Kai wanted to use the pool one more time. It was a little cold for swimming that early in the morning – temps in the low 50s – but we didn’t want to disappoint Kai so we braved the cold and took the plunge.

We had a good flight home, with Kai insisting on holding our hands during takeoff and landing.

As we came into Chicago, we saw gray skies, a far cry from mostly sunny Las Vegas and Arizona. It was a sad reminder that our vacation was over.

I think Kai will tell you that he enjoyed the vacation. Though his lasting memory of Las Vegas may be the stench of cigarette smoke rather than the shows or attractions we saw. And what he enjoyed most on the trip may be the extra iPad time he had on the planes, hotel rooms, and on the drive to the Grand Canyon.

But I hope the sight of the Canyon will stick in his memory as well. And with the perspective of time will come to appreciate these experiences of traveling to new places.

I just know that I got to once again live out my dream of exploring these wonderful places with my family. And that memory will brighten all the gray days in Chicago.


  1. My parents took my sisters and me on lots of vacations like that. My favorite was the hotel pools and eating at McDonalds. haha.

    1. Haha, yes, I think all kids enjoy those things the most. But hopefully the memories of the other things will stick in the minds. :)

  2. Ah...going home. For us, it is a bittersweet moment. Although we tremendously enjoy our vacations, it is also always good to get back home. I am sure your memories will keep you happy for a long time.

    1. Yes, it is nice to get home in some respects, though sad that the vacation is over. Glad to have all the great memories!


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